Cheap aliexpress hub motors?

Hey guys! i’m planning my esk8 build right now and ive more or less decided to copy this build. However. i also would really like to use hub motors in my build because they’re quieter and i can still push my board if i run out of juice. I can’t afford a set of hummies or carvons but i did find these which i thought were interesting. There seem to be a lot of sets of dual hub motors on aliexpress for about $150 and i basically want to know if they’re total junk or worth buying.

it’s probably worth mentioning im pretty light (like around 120lbs) and i want to run this off of 6s lipos but i can obviously go up from there if i need to

look the same as these diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-rocket-freeflow/

on alibaba they claim 200 watts which sounds realistic as apposed to the many other claims.

Those aren’t the same though lol.

o yea on looking closer they’re different on the outside.

yeah 1800 watts (on the torque) sounds like way too much as the actual expert on hubs, should i cop these alibaba ones or should i stick to a satellite drive? i like the idea of being able to push a dead board around

I’m no expert just interested.
Of course I’m biased and think you should get the hubs I sell! But I don’t sell those ones on there, long freak wheels and motors now. You can find pics here. Very new Low resistance for pushing is nice but I almost never push. 1800 is not the continuous power possible but some unknown peak momentary power. Even two of those won’t put out 1800 continuous

How come you’re hubs are so long? Are they better than @onloop

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People here have been testing out these type of hubs before and found them ‘meeh, not bad-not good’ on city commuting scale, so do speak of

Sorry if my question is off topic. But what you guys think about this combo?

It’s only 51$ for hub motor, vesc, some wheels and truck.

more like 500$

price is for 8 pieces (minimum lot)

No man, with 8 pieces you get 10% discount

The set is 8 pieces: 2 hubs 2 trucks 2 front wheels 2 VESCs =8

Hell, these Chinese are pretty confusing with numbers. But it’s obvious that the price can’t be 50 for each set, cause a vesc alone, even from the worst factory, would cost more than that

Has anyone given these or anything like them a go?

ok. thanks for explanation. my joy seems to be premature then. :slight_smile: