Cheap Alilbaba Motors?

Does anyone have any experience with these motors? They seem to be made by a reputable company. I really wanted a 63mm motor for the larger wattage. Sk3s and Tacons seem to be rare these days, so I am trying to find another hobby level motor.

Here’s their 6374 motor:

It is a min 10 per purchase

I’ve spoken with the sales guy. He said buying a single motor would be fine.

Group buy!!!

I’m confused. Is there a group buy for this or something? Or do you just want it to be a group buy? :confused:

I’m just joking hehe but if you buy one let us know how they come out

Gee these look like the ones on the Evolve GT

definitely different

R They’re both black :wink: More like Olinboad


I have had samples from this factory, sold some of them too for a while, alien used to use these motors, they are just average cheap brushless outrunners.

if you want good motors you need to specify how you want it made, stator, magnets, bearings, barrel thickness etc any motor assembly factory can build a quality motor, it’s just they tend to make mediocre ones to keep the prices low.

Everyone wants cheaper so thats what they make.


Yeah these are completely different. However, those are almost the same as Chaka’s.

I really wanted to get the Alien Power Systems 63mm motor that looks like Chaka’s but I don’t feel like dealing with a company in the UK.

I wonder when @chaka will start selling his 63mm motors.