Cheap anti spark kill switch idea. will it work?

i thought of using one of the car audio circut breaker 100amp with a anti spark system with momentary button… total cost should be about $20 which is a cheap option can anyone tell if this going to work out?

Sure it will work, but why so complicated? Get an antispark loop key. Cheaper and smaller :slight_smile:

dosnt looks too complicated… i thought it would be nice to turn on the board with a flick of the switch and pushing a small button at the same time instead of pluging and pulling the darn xt90… those things are super tight!

plus! no loop key to loose!

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hmm sounds more complicated for me :smiley:

Cheapest solution is always the loop key. If you don´t like it, or like a more simple solution, go for a vedder antispark. which is not much more expensive than your solution. And you can get a much cooler LED button :slight_smile:

Not “at the same time though”. First press the button and then Flick that switch/fuse. Otherwise you could still get a spark inside the switch

So you just want more parts which can break.

Why are you guys ripping on him for thinking outside the box? I think it’s an interesting idea, don’t crap on creativity.

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out of the box thinking is great, but in this case there are some oversights.

for one, car audio is only 12v! so thats a big one. next up I don’t think something like this would survive the vibration of esk8. and finally aniti spark switches have already dropped below $30.

and of course you can just tether your key loop to the board for the $5 winner.

To be honest I hate the idea of a loop key just because of how “janky” it looks

IMO there are many ways to mount it so it looks clean and professional but again, that is just by opinion.

I tried using a similar auto breaker switch when I did my first build. They work but not for long. Because there are points inside that come together to make the connection and they get arcing everytime you turn it on. On mine the spring bar that holds the points together got weak from heat and I started loosing connection while riding. These type of switches are not meant to be turned on and off repeatedly. They’re meant to stay on all the time as an overload breaker. If you want cheap, an anti-spark loop key is really the only option.


So i ended up going with the xt90 anti spark… yes much simpler to setup . Soldered bullet connectors on the xt90 for easy unplugingfor charging

and figured out how to unplug and plug easier for charging

This is my build btw a mini electric skateboard

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Good choice for an inexpensive but dependable solution.


Every time you push that button and those contact points snap together, there is electrical arcing between them. It won’t be as damaging at 6s but at 12s it wears them out real fast.

been running it for 3 years daily mate. no issues.

(given it is only rated to 24V I probably wouldnt recomend it for 12S)

Ok, I never tried them on low voltage. Only on 12s which when it sparks it goes bang! when I took it apart to see, the points where fried.

I think what you did does not prevent the spark. Your xt90s is plugged in already, so the small resistor won´t protect the connection!

The way the xt90s works is: If you plug it in, the first contact is through a resistor, which only allows a small current to close the circuit and prevent a spark that way, which is normally caused by higher voltage. That all happens fast and you should not leave a xt90s this way for too long, because it will melt down due to the current trying to keep going through the small resistor. And finally you reach the end position while plugging in, so the resistor is bridged and the current can flow.

So use the connector itself to close the circuit!