Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Thingiverse link in post #534

the downside to buying stuff like that, as i hope you’re aware, is that parts are next to impossible to find, QC is non-existant, and it could last a week or last a few years… i dont mind spending the money on a product if i know it is going to last.

as for the NESE modules i hear they are good, but for my personal taste they’re too bulky… im building a 12s4p into a Hummie deck single layer w/ b,s and only need a 1.3cm-1.5cm deep enclosure

yes, airless, solid

do sell some with air?

possibly, think this wheel have another tire version, need to check. why? tire will got flat tire, dose solid better?

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Tire will have less rolling resistance and battery will last longer. One can solve problem of flat tire with tire goop/ tire sealant.

it is mainly because of comfort.

Please do that! :wink:

If you guys didn’t know, I built a geared drive for this 6x2 wheel.





More info on my build here.

Problem I am having is these wheels drink battery juice for breakfast!! I was expecting 20km range on my mini AT build, looks to me like I will only get about 15km.


This looks awesome. I might do it if I am not satisfied of my belt drive.

I love how quiet belts are but after changing one of my esk8 decks to geared, I was a convert.

Did you find out What was the cause of the rolling resistance you mentioned in your thread?

How about you, do you find it difficult to push with those wheels? I am still waiting for mine to arrive and I hope it is not a big issue.

Might be one of the tubes leaking a little but seems like it’s just bad overall because of the wide contact patch.

Impossible to push like a manual skateboard, I tried before installing the drive. Went one small round on smooth concrete already worked up a sweat.

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Damn, I better not run out of battery then. :sweat_smile:

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I bought them from vex in the UK, shipping was reasonable…


So I ran out of battery… had to do the walk of shame because it was easier than trying to manually it manually…

well getting 15km out of a 10s2p with 6240mAH is very good imo.

I remember from my evolve bamboo gt with AT setup it had very high rolling resistance, I mean I couldn’t push it easily like street setup. After a push it would stop in 3-4 meters.

do you live in the UK? can you show us what you build. I am very interested for my future build