Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Thingiverse link in post #534

So it works. Works pretty well. The vex pulley adapter is just 1cu inch. So probably less than a dollar to print. Now if only I had a motor to test everything. IMG_20180929_015052 IMG_20180929_022016 IMG_20180929_021245


I’ve used m4 bolts and I can’t find any m4 nuts that sit in the vex pulley nicely… I hate using imperial parts but it looks like the way to go!

Was the pulley 3dprinted?

No, I bought it from these guys,

Seems i am late. The prices rised a lot

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what price?

Not 69$ for 4 wheels anymore. I see 18.72€ each

you can still get them cheaper, but there is a difference. The one version that is cheaper can only take 40psi and the slightly pricier can take 70psi.

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Hi Guys,

I wonder if these tyres will fit these cheap rims. They may reduce the rolling resistance and increase battery as there is less tyre in contact with the road.

also if the bergmeister tyres fit the cheap rims than these should also fit.

Same ID from what i understand but smaller OD.

Min. Order is 500 pieces

Let’s do an group buy!:grinning: @Trdolan03 Who is in?

What rim is this going to fit? Has anyone here tested them?

It fits haggy board rims.

I want the 6x2 set of haggy board rims and i have a cheap 6x2 aliexpress tyre that i purchased for testing purposes.

Once I have the haggy board set I can then test if the tyres are interchangeable. If they are that means his 6x2 tyres will fit and the 5" ones will also fit. Just have no idea on the inner tube for the 5" ones.

Just found this option for 6x2 tyres if it is of interest


Not really an update but just wanted to show the assembled 3d printed pulley and the wheels. While option2(versa pulley setup) might be more reliable because the pulley is not 3D printed but option1(3d printed pulley and adapter) is very convenient in terms of assembly and disassembly which is what I am using here. I also have a set of versa setup that I’ll try on this board sometime later.

IMG_20181018_205438 IMG_20181018_205330


anyone know the size of the print on these 3d printed pulleys from the OP?? I need to know so I can buy a printer big enough for them.

@Lucajo16 If I remember correctly, they should be a around 100mm in diameter and about 20mm thick. The 6in tires are about 150mm diameter.

ty @Tamatoa I appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure I got the right printer for the job.