Cheap (but functional) remote - UK/EU

So I plan to make myself a Firefly remote, but while I’m building my board I need a working (but cheap) remote option for use in testing etc.


This seems pretty big and bulky for eskate? I’d perhaps get it if I could take out the internals and put into a smaller chassis over time, but I assume the bottom part is an oversize battery?

Ahh interesting, is this meant to be of decent quality? I generally avoid eBay listings with a month-long wait time though, but I can look around for the same remote.

UK listing

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Yes it’s bulky but reliable (ok my receiver died after 3 weeks) and you can mod it, the long throttle throw is good for control.

It’s for 3 or 4 AA batteries. I recommended this remote because you said cheap and i guess you want it fast. The link by @moon is awesome if they deliver to your country (I can’t order it to austria).

I had it, it’s legit.

Mini remote is the shit. Simple, works every time, no dropouts.


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This is the exact listing I found not long after I posted my reply, seems like it’s the one to go for as my standard reliable controller :slight_smile: Thanks everyone

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