CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Jacob's first gen hub motors for sale

Hi there, I got 6x small and 6x big hub motors from Jacob’s first production batch with plenty of unused CNCed urethane wheels. They all work, however some have a few screws (for the front plate) missing and some also have slightly damaged wires. These motors are collecting dust in my workshop as I prefer my sensored belt-driven setups. Any takers? Preferably I would like to sell them all in one go…shipped from Taiwan. Gimme an offer I can’t refuse.

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$15 shipped to us?

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hahahahah…nice try. Serious offers please.

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i’ll raise it to $20, no higher.

lol. good luck with your sale :+1:

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am looking at something around USD 30, per motor with one spare PU tire, so total USD 360, excl. shipping.

waaaaaaaaa? $30/motor! jesus dude thats cheap as FUCK.
@BigBoyToys @scepterr @thisguyhere could all be contenders for a sale

I’m looking for 2 only :frowning: Maybe $100 to the uk?

if you can wait till 2018 i’ll buy 2 of the bigger ones

If you are asking $30 per motor I would take 2 of them. I’m located in the US. Let me know and I’ll paypal the $$$ asap.

lol something tells me these won’t be around until 2018

I need two in the uk I don’t even need urethane I just need the right amount of grub screws and front scrww lock

I’m tempted but I have no need for so many or hubs in general lol, got carvons ordered. All that being said, I would do a 3way split with 2 other people in the US…

Edit: nvm, Im really never gonna use them myself and will just end up selling them at cost later lol

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@scepterr I would be in, 120 + sh for 4 hubs

if you’d hold mine i’d be down for $60 + s/h for 2 of the bigger ones

hi everybody, i am right now being bombarded with pms. first come, first serve. so if you do not see a reply from me = wheels sold. I am heading to the post office in a while to check out shipping costs.


Yo I want 2 right now

How much for 2 of them shipped to the U.S?

2 big to canada how much???

Hello have one more available? Would like one please

Any of these left? I’d be up for one…