Cheap Chinese Spot Welder?

Hey guys I’m really wanting to get into making custom lithium ion batteries and was wondering if this thing is a total piece of junk. Has anyone had any experience with these Chinese welders?

I would prefer to buy one than make one out of a microwave.

I’ve done some research and seems like the JP Spot Welder is my best bet. A member from ES

If I get one, I’ll be getting it from JP. His look good and and is a lot more portable. Plus, you’re supporting a community member instead of a big chinese manufacturer.

I have a slightly larger 220v model with handheld electrodes, from what I have read you want to get a 220v model if you want it to last. I think I paid $250 for mine. I will probably order one of JP’s units too, nice to have a backup machine.

Hi. I tried to goole jp spot welder but did not find anything. Can i have a link to where i can buy it please?

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I have exaclty the same one, tried it on some cells, it solders okay at 25-30A with a 0.15mm nickel strips (don’t know if they are pure nickel though). I couldn’t try more than 30 A thanks to my office 32A breaker circuit.

Thanks for bringing up that topic… I had forgotten where was the instagram account mentioned, worth checking out :wink: