Cheap CNC Milling service?

Do you guys know where i can get some CNC milling done at a cheap price. I have a motor mount i designed but need it cut out and was wondering if anyone on the forum could do it at a cheap price or if there is a service online that is cheap


Waterjet: CNC (but more complicated process):

There are usually local places that can do it too, for example, there is a place here in NY called NYCNC, and sometimes there are users who (like myself) have CNC machines which can do it.

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This is a problem a lot of people on here face. There’s many sites online, but the prices are not cheap. This is why I bought my own cnc milling machine.

I tried to get enertions old motor mount (the one he posted his designs of) made from several places online, but they want over $150 per mount.

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thanks. I only need two cut out and I’ve had a few quotes but they’ve been very expensive so it hasn’t been worth it. Ill check this out, thanks

Really that’s surprising, I got 5 motor mounts from BBS for $90.

Where did you get the quotes from?

a website called “get it made” for 2 mounts (3 pieces) they asked for $600

You wanna post a pic of the motor mount? Is it 2d or does it have multiple parts? $600 sounds absurd unless it’s a super complicated mount.

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– Does it require a 4+ axis milling machine to be made or are they just stacked 2d parts?

i have no idea. this is what it looks like. not too complicated…

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I wasn’t really, because onloop released them to show everyone how expensive they were to be made cause a lot of people complained about how expensive they were. If you can find one locally, you might be able to get a decent price. Ether way, expect it to cost more than buying one from enertion or diyboards.

Yeah so the difficult part about mounts like these is that you can’t make them on a traditional CNC machine easily… This is because of the holes on the side. It also cannot be waterjet cut because of the same reason, AND the beveled edges. It looks very similar to the universal motor mount that alien drive systems sells.

Even though it may be aesthetically simple, it can be crazy challenging to machine.

Ah I see…

ahh okay, what would you say the best thing to do is?

That’s pretty complex - you’re looking at a thousand dollars of machining there.

If you can redesign it to be 2 or 2.5D it would be a lot easier and anyone here with a CNC could do it for you.


okay, ill make some adjustments

what is the bolt hole spacing of your motor? Distance between bolt holes

If you whole heartily wanted to get them made like that, you might have to suck up and take the price. From a cnc milling point, this design is extremely complicated.

Personally, I really like the design. But I can say as a cnc miller, those won’t e easy to make.

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around 4.5mm