Cheap CNC Milling service?

ah okay i didn’t realise how complicated it is. What would you suggest to make it simpler?

No the distance from one bolt hole to another on the MOTOR. Quite commonly is 50mm

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sorry i don’t understand, could you show an example

Well what @michaeld33 said, if you can make it into a 2d design, any cnc milling machine could easily cut it.

you have screw holes in multiple directions. If you could make all the screw holes in the same direction of the motor mounting holes, you could have a 2d model instead which would be pretty easy to cut and drastically lower your costs.

Look at the lower photo

That’s the pov from the front of the motor

the inside screw 17.8 and the outside 29.1mm

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound right… here look…

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Here’s a picture of one of my mounts

35mm. 10 chars

Got it, that’s a pretty small motor… Where’s it from? What’s the kv? Is it a 5065 motor?

Just to give you a bit of guidance, here is my mount (sorry it isn’t shot from a better angle)

Note that the 2 aluminum pieces only have to be CNC’d on one axis. Then the two holes that attach the Delrin have to be drilled and tapped manually.



Ahh okay, ill modify

63mm 190kv from APS

I had to do the same thing, drill a couple holes in the side, pretty easy.

is this better?

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Much… It would be better if you didn’t have the slanted edge since they can charge extra for that stuff. Instead, you could have it like @DougM and make it another piece that bolts on, just the like the carbon fiber part of the Enertion mount. Also, the holes on the side will be a problem, it would be better to just hand drill those in when it’s done, then it can be done on a regular CNC machine.

yeah, i was planning on drilling the back ones, and would it be cheaper if it squared off the slant?

@raf - how will you tension the belt? Most at least elongate the motor mount holes to help tension the belt. Or an adjustment in between the motor mount and the truck clamp.


yeah ill need to make further adjustments