CHEAP diy e-board FOR SALE!

What’s going on everyone! So I’ve had this board since the beginning of the summer and after being so hyped for it I realize that I really don’t get the use out of this as I thought I would. That said, here is the board!

So I bought an electric skateboard from Alextech (which I know there have been a ton of problems with) but trust me this one is great and I’ve even DIYed it myself so I don’t really give him much credit for this other than that he built the battery and programmed the VESC.

The deck was too flexible so I went and bought a nice stiff Santa Cruz deck to replace it and a Pshycotiller enclosure to go with it. Both are so solid and I’m amazed by the quality escpecially of the enclosure. Unfortunately, I had bought the enclosure and put it on the flexible deck first so there are a few small holes where screws used to be. They are very small and trust me when I say that they do not effect the performance or integrity of the enclosure at all. In fact you could patch it later if you really wanted to. The enclosure is held on by screws and tree nuts that are counter synced for a beautiful clean look.

Its got a VESC and a 2.4ghz mini controller which is super reliable and I have never had a dropout with nor will you. The battery is a 10s3p and I know that a couple of Alex’s batteries have had problems in the past but this one is fine and even over really bumpy roads has held up great. It also has a BMS and voltage meter and will get you around 10-15miles to a charge. The motor is a Maytech 6355 and with a 16/36 gear ration and 83mm wheels it will get you 24mph! It will also come with 3x extra belts along with the extra weather stripping that was left over from the enclosure install if you want.

Just a recap of the parts: Santa Cruz deck Psychotiller Flagship V2 ABS enclosure 10s3p w/ bms VESC 2.4ghz mini controller Maytech 6355 motor 83mm wheels 16/36 gear ratio

(I hope I’m not forgetting anything lol)

So $725 obo for this very nice board.I don’t know how much it will cost to ship but we can work that into the deal. (If for some crazy reason you play paintball lol I might be willing to trade for a mid range to high end gun)

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Sorry man but the price is much higher than guys here are going to pay. Everyone here are builders and could build that setup for about $600. I suggest selling in parts to get the most money the quickest. The deck will not sell so I suggest keeping the deck, trucks, and wheels together as a complete to sell in Craigslist. The electrical components will sell here individually.


This has alex tech stuff?

@flywithgriff I’m more trying to sell this to someone that isn’t a builder. The hardest part for new guys is the battery which if bought pre made can cost a lot. I don’t think it is too high with the fact that this is all made and put together for you. If I was trying to sell to a DIYer yes it would be a bit high but I’m more looking to sell it to someone that wants a DIY but can’t build it themselves. Alextech was making the Mach 1 which for $700 was a steal but some of his parts where crap (screws, deck, enclosure) so I basically fixed everything that was wrong with it. I will consider selling them separately though so thank you of your input :slight_smile:

@willpark16 “Alex tech stuff” Yes I got this board from him and almost completely redid it. He built the battery but other than that the parts he used are community used and proven parts.

That’s actually not that bad of a price. To build this for 600 you either build your own battery pack or get into group buys. If you bought single parts it would probably end up costing 700 or more, for a newbie without tools and knowledge it’s a good deal. Just think about commercial boards for this price, you can get an e-go but not much more


Was just wondering not meant to offend you

No no you’re fine :smiley: It’s just that I know that there has been a lot of problems with him and I don’t want that to rub off on my board. Sorry if I sounded offended. So hard to relay emotion through text lol

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Still selling the board? Are you from santa cruz? because wed probably be able to just meet and make a deal. Im looking to purchase the board however im curious to know if youd be willing to work any type of discount. Im trying to replace my car and id build my own board but id like to see a diy and study it. Im a computer repair technician so im sure it wouldnt take me long to learn it out. Please get back to me, im very interested int the board.

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@Mikey2131 I’m from Wisconsin so I don’t think we’ll be able to meet lol. I don’t think I would be able to work out a discount because of the shipping costs that we would have to work into the deal. I would say probably read around on the forum and gain some knowledge and then build your own. It’s very rewarding to build something like this and see the progress. It’s super awesome to look at it and be like “hey I built that!” haha. Anyways thanks for your interest and good luck!

Yes i agree, however i dont have the means to make the battery. Or the space and place to do that. So the battery is the only thing i cant make, so ill buy that premade… but i cant find any good li-ion batterie of least 10s4p

Not yet you mean. There is an Arduino spot welder kit available…for cheaps.

Torque boards has them I believe (diy electric skateboards)

I’m bring this back to attempt to sell it again. Now that the weather is nice and people can skateboard again hopefully someone in the market for an e board will be interested in it.

Dropping the price to $675 and shipping will have to be worked into the price as well.

TBH I don’t know if you’ll find a board this nice for as cheap as it is.

Feel free to message me with offers:)

hey I’d be willing to pay 600, pm me if you want to work out a deal :slight_smile:

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How do we know that “this is one of the good Alextech batteries”??

Can you post pictures of the battery and allow forum members to inspect the photos? Otherwise this board is at risk of fire like the Alextech Boards before it. Just because the battery doesn’t have problems now doesn’t mean it couldn’t catch fire tomorrow

I haven’t had any problems with the multiple times I’ve used and charged it. I did message the longhairedboy with my concerns and he said that it is a concern but unless it was acting abnormally or weird (which it hasn’t at all) that it’s fine and that you don’t really have to worry about it. My dad who knows about electrical engenieering also said he check the contacts and said they looked good. Like I said I rode it all last year and didn’t have any issues with it :slight_smile:

Note: I would upload pictures of the battery but when I went to I realized that it was all taped up and theres no way to really show anything unless I took off the tape which I’m not going to do for fear of messing something up lol


So your father looked through the tape?

His father is probably the one who taped it back up…

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This doesn’t make sense haha I see that. I thought my dad told me that he looked that them when he had to solders the charging port back to it and everything. It was last year that we did this so ones mind is liable to forget. My defense (if that’s what it is because this really a discussion lol) is that if there were problems with the contacts and spot weldings that there would be crazy voltage drops all over the place.

I am sorry if you feel offended!

I do not want to buy this board nor do i want a discussion. But what do i want? Maoam? Nope :smiley: I just want to Highlight some Points that People should be Aware off to not get ripped off! I dont want to imply that you are going to rip People off but we had bad experience… To me it all sounds a bit fishy…

You could tell us many things :stuck_out_tongue: just proove it.

The People here wanted a Picture of the battery. –> ist a mess to open up. period.

Then make a Picture of the wrapped battery and Show us as much as you can

prooving no voltage Drops is easy. just buy a ble module, hook it up and Show us a ride log. damn. you want to sell it not to improve it.

Like i said earlier. I do not want to offend you. I just want you to give some thoughts and ideas how you could sale the board easier