CHEAP diy e-board FOR SALE!

I’m sorry if this all sounds fishy to you. I’m not purposefully trying to rip anyone off. If I was I wouldn’t have even included that the battery was from alex. Just trying to be transparent.

I’ve encluded some pictures that I hope helps.

I’m not going to buy a “ble module” because I do not want to put anymore money into this.

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I feel bad to say, but build quality is extremely important when you risk your life by riding somebody’s unfamiliar e-board. That battery is basically just tossed together regarding of quality and I can also see exposed motor connectors which are a risk too.

You can easily insulate the Motor wires but i agree with you about safety. But i do not think that this battery seems bad at all…

The best Thing you could do! Now it seems like a legit offer :wink:

Wish you luck selling it.



Really want this sold. Pm me with offers :slight_smile:

lol maybe you should go after the boosted fanboys.

True but this is also a very nice budget option for someone that wants a DIY board but doesn’t necessarily want to buy one or doesn’t have the means too :slight_smile:

I don’t really know whats worth laughing about, kinda shitty there butt bro.

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Price dropped to $585 shipped

Please make an offer. I really want this gone. It’s doing me no good just lying around because I just don’t use it. For this price I don’t think you could build one as nice as this. Perhaps you could even buy it and use it for parts.

Price dropped to $500

Just part it out. Alot easier to sell.

I would much rather sell it altogether because I don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping everything separately but if I can’t sell it then I’ll start parting it out.

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Quite new to the seen. With this setup does it have braking?

Absolutely! It uses regenerative braking and actually charges the battery when you brake!



was eyeing this up but congrats for the sale

ja the Board sale