Cheap dropdown deck? [gauging interest]

I’m at the point in my build where I’m looking for a nice deck. Landyachtz Evos get a nice rep around here for their solid decks and nice shapes, so I looked around for one. I wanted a longer deck to fit my 12s5p, but all I could find were the 36" Evos. The 39s I did find were super expensive. So I started looking for an alternative and I found this: From Skateshred. I’ve heard their decks are solid, and this particular one has a similar shape to the Evo with 9 maple layers. They also very prominently show the wholesale discount. I’d like to see if there are enough people who want a deck like this for someone to arrange a group buy to take advantage of this discount ($10 off each deck if you order 10 or more!). Let me know what you think. Would you get one?

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I dont mean to be rude but its 35 Dollars, and you cant start group buys

I’m really sorry but group buy can only be organise by level 3 member.


@Allofyoush If you want you can still organize a Group buys, but you need a level 3 member to handle the financial part of it.


We gotta get you a happy wizard picture

OFF Topic… but while on the Jason train I forget that I do not have my old picture anywhere… that why I’m sad


:frowning: I dont think I knew what it was before the red and blue (I think? ) picture


maybe check googled archive pages? :slight_smile:

I know, that’s why I asked what y’all think about it. Just trying to see what you think of the deck😉

you clearly had group buy in the title :man_facepalming:

just admit defeat and move on :rofl: its ok to be wrong


I mean, yeah it’s $35, but at least it’s not $130.

Im only asking if anyone wants to get it for $25. If someone here has one and thinks it’s good quality, that would be a pretty good deal

I was wrong to have that title, you’re right haha

I just changed it

Sorry I must have misunderstood you…

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I didn’t mean I would actually do it, I meant I wanted to see if I could get enough people to say they want it for a regular to get it together. I’ll edit the wording so it reflects that

usually people use [gauging interest] or they ask someone of higher standing to host the group buy(I dont think this has happened yet, but if someone were to be interested in this deck and the idea of a group buy, they would probably help you peruse it )

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Like this? Changed the title again

Seems alright, maybe make a poll to see who is interested, this way you have a tally


do it in the OP

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Like that?


yeah thats a good example of a poll, but move it to the first post of the thread, the Original Post

Gotcha. I’ll try that

There we go

You should make the voters and other stats available to the public, it might influence some new people to put down for one

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