Cheap ebay BMS Good or Bad?

Would experienced esk8 builders recommend a cheap balance bms from eBay


It’s only 12A, so you’d have to bypass it. Personally I am not a fan of bypassing your BMS because you lose so many safety features

For 6S, just use a balance charger. It will work much better than that thing

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No…lol 10

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I am definitely not using a balance charger. what features would I be bypassing with the cheap BMS? also what BMS would you recommend

why is it bad?

They fail or don’t work right from the start IMO BMS should never be the cheapest part in your build

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I’m seen plenty of videos saying they’re fine. how do they fail?

Bad components , bad assembly Do you really feel comfortable protecting your vesc and battery for $15-$20 from a noname manufacturer. Expensive ones fail too just usually not in way that’ll ruin everything, switch might die, etc

I am using an esc since it’s a cheap build so does that make a difference

Basically what he is saying: if you are willing to put your life/body in danger, go with the eBay BMS))


I’m just confused what can happen isn’t the bms just used for charging?

12A can not use for electric skateboard. will burn when loaded too much, or during sort while.

imaging when you driving fast, then suddenly lose power, and can not brake…

I see. what is that 12A for? isn’t that for discharge?

He could use it for charging only by bypassing it, but I still wouldn’t buy a 12 dollar BMS :sunglasses:

I just wanted to use it for charging I didn’t know it could do anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Over charge detection voltage: 4.325±0.025V

Not to mention, that thing has a over-charge detection voltage that is way too high. It potentially could charge a cell all the way up to 4.35V before cutting off

That cheap BMS could destroy your batteries. Get one from SuPower or Bestech that is rated for the current you will actually pull. Or use the hobby charger. It will work much better

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Sorry, this is my first time hearing all this :stuck_out_tongue: what is charge detection. how much do the BMS’s from SuPower or Bestech cost?

So the thing is: You cannot use this for discharge. It WILL cut out power in the worst moment You can use it for charge if you are willing to risk the low quality and can’t afford better You will get what you pay for

Bottom line. I use a cheap bms only for charging my 10s. But i can’t use a hobby charger

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