Cheap eBay electronics


I am starting my first build and I’m trying to keep the initial costs a bit low for this first one. I have seen a few people talk about this ESC: two in one ESC

From the same seller I found these motors: Double hub motors

However, I cant find anything about those. I’m curious about what you think about these motors, and about the combination with the dual ESC. I’m not looking for a incredibly high speed build but 15mph would be nice to achieve, also braking is kind of a must.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think if you buy these parts you will find that your board is slow and underpowered and wont climb hills much steeper than a drive way. I suggest forking out some extra money to buy quality proven parts so you don’t build a board that leaves you wanting more from day 1. I had similar ideas when I started but wish I had just bought the good stuff form the start.

Torqueboards hub motors are the cheapest Id recommend. Ive had a ton of fun with them. The Carvon motors are the most powerful and reliable. Hummie’s newest hubs are almost ready as well.

Ive spent well over $1000 on speed controller’s now. I only buy VESC-x, Ollins, Torqueboards, and the new VESC-6 as all the rest ive tried overheat or blow drv’s. Replacing your. VESC once already pays for the difference in buying a good one from the start.

Thats just my 2cents, but if I could do it again I take my own advice. It would have saved me a couple thousand dollars.

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Just out of curiosity, I would buy these components for myself​, but never recommend someone else to spend his money on something cheap from a dodgy eBay seller. In general I agree with BigBoyToys, spending the extra money for a quality product is worth it.

On the other hand, these components look a lot like the ones used for the Lou Board: And the idea of building a dirt cheap board that’s not worse than the Lou is tempting. If the specs of these components aren’t highly over exaggerated, an 8s battery should get you up to +15mph.{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:8,“motor-kv”:70,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:1,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:1,“wheel-size”:83}|

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cant find anything about the motors though, thought they kind of look like the juiced board though juiced