Cheap Electric Skateboard for $420 (Suggestions needed)!

I’m trying to make an electric skateboard that reaches around 25mph and goes around 7 to 8 miles i Have a budget of $420 USD, I have already parted out some parts and i would please like help for the rest of my parts because i have read some of the helpful comments so please help me.

Motors: $74.20

batteries: X2 $68.62

VESC: $156.98 (only on sale)

controller : $32.30

$ 332.10

Will take suggestions on all parts except VESC

You only have the basic electronics here. You will probably not be able to make a build with a Focbox for 420$. You will also need a deck, trucks, wheels, motor mount. These parts alone are atleast 130$.

Pretty sure he has one

If your planning on doing a 10s system, then 245kv is too high. What you need for 10s is 200kv or less.

The C rating on those batteries is low and you will experience voltage sag and batteries getting warm and swelling. I would recommend you get higher C rating. I use 60C Lipos and they work very well.

Be careful being that particular remote on eBay. It might be the first generation nano remote which where terrible for loosing connection with the receiver.

As far as a Vesc goes. The Focbox by Enertion is probably the best deal going right now. Enertion is in Aus.

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i live in australia so i can get the FOCBOX easily

however thanks

Thank you could you suggest parts plz i have had no luck and i want a longboard

I tried it to see if it could be done. This is what I come up with. You even have $40 to spare for your VESC. I added 2 batteries so you could put them in parallel. and get more range. If you remove one of them you would be in your budget. Also I think you could do more optimization here. The trucks and motor mounts are a bit expensive, maybe you can find cheaper versions somewhere else.

where in australia are you located?

This Is only a couple of the parts he will need. Wheels for example? They can be expensive AS hell if He wants something good. Also the FOCbox? You could probably Get it pretty cheap from the cyber sale, but it is atleast 100$. And He will need a remote, 30$, and an enclosure… As said earlier, you wont be able to do a build with a Focbox for 420$

Yes, i did not include the price of focbox. I don’t think it can be done with focbox in the price. Assuming he goes for 97mm clones wheels from ebay for $30. He now has a pretty good build at less than $400. Excluding focbox. With focbox he’ll be able to do this for less than $500. Still pretty good price if you ask me.

assuming i dont have a VESC could you get my entire board for under $400 USD $350 if possible ( including shipping ) @myreala @FredrikHems

Where are you located? Shipping sometimes is a budgetkiller

postcode, 6171, Western Australia, Australia thanks fo the help

I have no idea if shipping to Australia is expensive or not, as i live on the other side of the world. :sweat_smile: But maybe some of the other guys on the forum knows. Good luck!

420 errday

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