CHEAP flatlander pro glove replacements

Spied these gloves on Ebay. They are in Texas. From China. They are similar to the flatland electric skateboard gloves. They are meant for touchscreens so good for remote. They CRUCIALLY, have a wrist slider. Read about what that does on the flatland PRO glove blurb.

These gloves have full fingers, but a simple snip would fix that. Or maybe, they are so cheap, you get two pairs, and cut one. They are also ventilated, on the fingers, where when you cut, they remain.

They are delicate on palms, with real armor on wrist, and knuckles, and the vents on fingers act as armor.

Check out how the wrist armor is shaped, and how perfectly it fits the remote, JUST like the flatlander pros.

I will let you know when I get them.

Racing Motorcycle Motorbike Touch Screen Gloves Bike Riding Full Finger Glove | eBay

Tried my vx2 remote in my hand, and compared it to the pic, and if fits perfectly, probably many others.


Just reading stuff like this makes me want to build some sort of skateboard bmx hybrid with 20 inch wheels. That way I wouldnt have to worry about wrist armor or sudden board/body separations.

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WEll, got the gloves, and cut off the thumb. The slider for the wrist is exc. The general material, has dots on the fabric, making the whole glove slide. they are thin, not bulky.

All in all, they arent too far off the flatlanders. 10 bucks. I say they are a find.

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