Cheap hub motor from eBay can't find replacement urethane tire

Need help find tire replacement or other cheap option funds limited but need to get to work and back

Unfortunately, I think you’re pretty much out of luck unless you want to buy a whole new motor. This is one of the (many) problems with hub motors - you’re stuck with a single supplier of urethane, and if you can’t get it, you’re up a creek. I’ve done some looking, and haven’t been able to find a source of 'thane for 75mm hub motors - everything is 83mm or larger.

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and thats why it isn’t a cheap option

Find polyurethane(rubber) mat, stripe, i dont know the term. Anyways, you can find it in some hardware stores. Same width as the wheel, and maybe 3mm thick. Then just cut the right size pieces to go around the wheels and use lots of superglue to attach it.

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You can easily 3d print it. I would recommend using ninjaFlex (this isthe name of the materia).

Try contacting diyeboard they might be able to help

maybe this?