Cheap mountainboard school full diy

Hello, For school i need to build a functioning mountainboard demo does not need to be practical 20km/h range 10km is ok. It is intended that i do as mutch as i can myself. I have acess to all the material you could want. cnc, 3D printer, laser cutter, basic electrical component (mosfets,microcontrollers,arduinos),woodworking facility, metal working facility… so that is not an issue. So my question is what is already done like this (3D models) The less i need to buy the better. Budget is the problem. 500€. More can if realy needed. Thanks in advance

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I would buy a second hand mountainboard for the board, trucks and wheels. Then get some deal on here for motor’s and/or rest of the drivetrain. (I’d go with belts since you could 3D print your wheel hub pretty well). For the electronics I’d try to go with second hand hobby car esc. The biggest expense will probably be your battery pack, although if you only need 10Km of range you could probably get away with 2 medium Amh 4S Lipo packs. All of it basically depends on what type’s of deals you can get.

I am right now designing my own motor mount’s as a school project. I will be making A gear box and chain system, so if you need basic files or models hmu.

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hi buddy, whereabouts are you based? i just did a similar project with a 79 page 15.5k word write up. If you need any help with anything shoot me a message. Here’s what i built: 20180816_105316 I built everything from scratch and started with little to no knowledge at all. I only really had a pretty good understanding of electronics (it was for my electronics class). The underside is 3d printed and fibreglassed to the deck. 20180816_105212 like i said, about 3 weeks ago i was in the same situation as you. If you need help hmu :grin: :grin:

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Hello, thanks helpful response defenetly going to look into used boards didnt think about that Will defenetly cut the cost by 100-200€. I have a question about the hobby car esc. Can those handel the amperage needed for a motor like this 40a max at least i think or am i wrong. Do You know any mountainboards that are Easy to make parts for i am looking for holes or Easy shapes to mount somthing on. Some have holes with threads in the trunks what i believen to be for mounting brakes am. I correct those are Easy to make a motormount on with a treaded Rod and a Block of aluminm cnced with Some holes for the motor and a long hole in the lengte to put the Rod True.

Hello i am. Base in Belgium. If You could tell me what You used that turned out to be pretty good and maby things You would do different. Also the essay would Come in Handy to Get Some ideas from and make sure not to forget anything. I WILL NOT COPY IT. And Will give credit where needed if Desired. I think You can be a big help for me thanks in advance. You Said You had a good undertanding of electronics so do i. What did You make yourselve that could real help me save Some time to figuren out how i would build the esc and or other components You build. Your board looks very good btw.

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@mynamesmatt nice build dude, definitely impressive for a first work!

@jensens I’m from Belgium too, cool! I would go on about making your own esc’s if cost is something you need to watch out for since the high requirements (high voltage and amperage draw) make the components pricy, especially when ordering in low quantities. If you look at esc’s that are used in 1/5 model cars they offer the same or even higher performances than some vesc, although a lot less nice in Fine tuning performance and not oriented towards esk8’s. I’m doing a pretty similar thing to you atm so I could even help you with some deals that I’ve already arranged here in Belgium if you want, since I don’t have the cash ready yet anyway.

In terms of cheap boards with easy mounting I’d honestly Go with anything that is cheap, and just model your motor mounts around that. Those threaded mounting points you talk about do work, but you have to be careful not to but too much force on them as I have seen people tear them out with unproper weight distribution of the drive train.

I am going to be building an eMtb soon so I was looking into cheap scrub or mbs boards.

Also, if you can’t find a decent used longboard switch good trucks, you can always use a cheapish caliber clone but use the deck and wheels off of a used board, I’ve seen them go for as low as €20-30 here in Belgium

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thanks guys, so, what i made myself was basically just the enclosure and the modified Voltmeter. The only other things i made were all the adapters and connections between my components. I used an online based CAD program named OnShape to design this: 20180323_12504320180326_204005 I split it into 4 and 3d printed the parts individually in abs. I used a 2 part epoxy to glue everything together and then bolted the enclosure to the deck. i then fibreglassed the sides of the enclosure onto my deck so it was seamless and strong. I went through everything in super fine detail in my write up. I can only give it to you next week though as it is being used at the moment for marking

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components wise, everything was bought and either left as is or modified. I wouldn’t be making your own components as it’s just really hard lol

@Bokard I am looking into the emtb too. Not that big of a fan of the longbard as you know the roads in belgium are crap and at 30km/h it is just not safe to drive where i live with a longboard (rocks and pits up to 7cm deep are not uncommon). Also space is less of an issue as you can put batteries and some other stuff between your feet and some things in the end of the board so mutch more room than the underside of a longbard.

hello @mynamesmatt nice work with the enclosure but that is not really somthing i could use on a moutainbard but someone els will probably be very happy with this i am more looking for ideas how to make the drive train especialy the part that connects to the trunks. I do need to be able to controll it myself with a variety of things and i dont know if that is even possible with an commercial esc/vesc ( controls incude; self made app, some kind of controller, presure sensors somthing like a hoverboard does but completaly different ((lean foward board goes forward lean bachward board brakes.)) and all the other thing my teachers will find out.

You can definitely do that with commercial esc’s, As those informations are just send bij the controller (you can emulate basic system protocols with any controller, although I am not sure about Vesc’s. Pressure sensor’s would be a pretty bad idea though if you’re not using only one wheel, since you need to shift your wieght a lot while driving it would get very unstable if you took that away. (When you accelerate you automatically put more pressure on your back leg for example).

On the choice of board I would advise you to get a scrub mountainboard, they go for around €100-€150 and the standard trucks they come with have a prety easy system to design around (22mmx22m square with rounded corners).

If you have more questions I can always share some of the data I have collected so far since we seem to have a similar project going in terms of basic concept.


Hello. Good advice but i have seen some with presure sensor working. I can only try i have them lying Around so ill try i dont real expect it to be practical and i have time enough. And i dont real understad are You saying it woud be better or wors with 2 week drive? Could You tel me what set-up your planning.

I’m planning an building a two wheel setup, for most of your design it wouldn’t really matter and as it doubles the the cost of the drive train it is never advisable for cheap builds. On the pressure sensor I would see it working if you have different zones, otherwise I think you’d be making riding a board a lot harder instead of easier imo.

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The pressure sensor acceleration/deceleration is a pretty bad idea if you ask me. There was a commercial board like that but it kind of floped as far as I know. Like @Bokard said, its not that simple or intuitive, I definitely put on more weight on the front of the board when I am stopping for example. There would need to be some pretty sophisticated algorithm to account for all the weird situations during riding. I would pass on that unless you want to do a master’s thesis on that pressure sensor control part alone :slight_smile:

What IS a good use for pressure sensors is a safety mechanism, that would stop the board if you fell off for example. Or even use the pressure sensors to adjust the available power in the board according to how much the rider weighs to ensure the same acceleration value. Or use pressure sensors on the sides of the board to sense when you shift your weight to the left or right in order to automatically activate turning signal LED’s (not so sure how well this last one would work)

Thank You those are some real good Ideas and ill surely look into them. For the presure sensor driving it might ideed be too difficult (i still beleve its possible). The safetey feature is surely a good Idea i was thingking of a safetey switch like on a Jetsky but with the sensor it woud we less noticable than a cord Around your feet.

There’s some pretty cool ideas in there! But I think the tilt would be easier to measure wit a simple gyro Connected to and arduino. You might have just given me a few new add on’s to my own board project! :grinning: That unity 5v 1a outlet will have some use now!


I was just spitballing there :slight_smile: and yea, a gyro for tilt would definitely be easier to use

@bokard and @jensens , if you like i have a Trampa short deck 35° for sale 14ply and 2 older 35° Trampa decks (but you will need to drill holes for the trucks on those) i might sell. Not sure about the price yet but i’ll let them go for cheap.I am too heavy for the Trampa 14ply short deck and too lazy to drill holes in the 2 other Trampa decks, i might keep one of the older ones as they are stiffer as the 14ply.I live in Belgium too :-). PM me if you’re interested and i’ll send you some pics later today. Grtz

You can buy a sealed Box for flashlights as a batteryBox and mount it on top. I would definitly buy some lipos for a mountainboard If money IS the Key. You can still go with 2 vesc. FLIPSKY 4.12 are super cheap on eBay.