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Cheap new ideal shape batteries in Bay Area

I got these lipos then decided to just go with a giant pack of 18650 They’re unused. Came in the mail within the month for the zippy and within the last week for the Multistar

(4) 3s Zippy compact 4500mah. 25c (4) 3s Multistar 5200 10c

These are the two thinnest 3s packs findable without spending a fortune on a-spec nanotech

These would be 60$ for the multistar and 120$ for the zippy compact…take them all for 150$ I won’t ship them

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OMG i so want them, but i guess this bay area is around the world :confounded:

“Bay Area” is in U.S.A ~ the other side of the GLOBE :earth_americas: from where i am STANDING :cactus: