Cheap Parts Sources/Websites/Shops UK/EU

Hi guys, had a check but couldn’t find anything here already, but I thought it would be good to have a thread where people could contribute to find the best parts at the cheapest prices…

Looking initially at branded or known parts, but we can still add multiple sources for each ‘type’ of part as well.

I’ll start off :smiley: I’m only doing the UK/EU at first, maybe a Canadian or American can do a separate thread or we can separate this one?


  • Motor / Mount / Pulley / Belt - Banggood (for kids/beginners)



Motor Mount:

  • Paris II [Link here]
  • Round [Link here] *Caliber [Link here]
  • Universal HobbyKing 50/63mm Ebay 50/63mm Ebay 50mm

Pulley Kits



  • 97mm AliExpress Ebay
  • 90mm [Link here]
  • 83mm Kegels [Link here]
  • 83mm [Link here]

Lipo Batteries:

Lithium-ion Batteries:

PURE Nickel strips:

Remote & Receiver:

Electrical Connectors:

On/Off Switches

  • Vedder [Link]
  • Other [Link]



are the mounts listed compatible with 63mm motors?

Yes, they all are.

The second one listed for ebay is NOT a 63mm motor mount. I bought that mount and ended up having to mod it to make it work and eventually just tossed it.

Really? That’s odd, I’m sure I read it was for both 63 and 50 :confused:

yeah that’s what i thought. i had the same (similar?) one so i’m a little cautious with ebay mounts

Oops! Ok, I’ll update it

Has no one got any more to add to these? :frowning:

The link for the Benchwheel remote does not include the receiver, please fix to the correct link.

For Maytech thumb remote please add

I have used them and got it delivered to UK within few days ( got their Vesc also! )

Link has bundles to save money but also you can get single item if you want ( scroll the pages ).

Didn’t pay any custom charges and service was swift and easy.

Recommended !

Thanks. Added :thumbsup:

Cheap decks? :slight_smile: Branded but look cool and not too expensive…

Cheap belts and motor pulleys - UK based

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Thanks! Added :slight_smile:

cool topic thanks. now bookmarked

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I’ve added a new motor, mount & pulley kit for beginners/kids

I have got a couple of moulds now for a fibreglass enclosure that fits in my 10s 4p battery, huge bms and two vescs no probs. If anyone needs one making?

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Do you mind sharing detailed measurements?

No problem. 40mm deep,540mm long by 150 wide. I’ve got my enclosure open and fiddling with the vescs. Excuse the tape…

I have found great website for decks in UK - I think they have sale now. Their complete longboards with trucks and wheels are from £39.99!! I’m getting few longboards just to use their decks :smiley:

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Nice! I’ll add it when I get home…