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Nickel strip bought from SuPower (aliexpress) is listed as Pure Ni plate. However description says pure nickel strip >99.7%. My corrosion test in salty water 24hrs after heavy scratching shows zero corrosion, so I guess this could be legit as well.

Great, do you have a link please?

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Hey @darkkevind,

@fottaz have the perfect place if you need motors mounts remotes @

Give it a check. Good thread


Don’t know if anyone has suggested this yet cheap decks

Ooh yes! Good call. Added :thumbsup:

I bought xt90 here

[here](LHI XT90 Battery Connector Set for RC Lipo Battery Motor 10 Pairs Yellow ,10 Male Connectors + 10 Female Connectors

And here (china) 5 Pares Amasar XT90S XT90-S Hombre Mujer Bullet Conector anti spark Plug Para DIY RC FPV Quadcopter motor sin escobillas Dron

(from AliExpress Android)

Add them if you think they are good.

Also for good pure nickel of course And this one: Pure copper here

I hope it helps


I just stumbled across this. Not sure if it’s new or not. I believe they only sold nickel strips that were pre cut before?

Anyways, nkon sells pure nickel strip by the meter at a pretty good price. 0.15 x 10mm x 10m = 15 EUR + shipping. If you’re getting your batteries from here this might be a good option. Did anyone use these strips yet?

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Yes i did , just the bigger one from NKON. I used it to solder on the cells together. Works perfect.

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i’m UK I ride one of these… I like a lonngg deck and they’re UK

That’s not a bad price at all…!