Cheap pully's and belt

hi ther i am working on a school project but i need some pullys and a belt for the cheap shipt to the netrelands i have max 30 euro

What exactly do You need?

they need to fit on 70mm wheels somt ting like that as long as it can be mounted on my wheel

that are my wheels btw i dont need speed if it is like 1;2 is okay to and if thay can be printed out on a 3d printer that is beter becous i have one at school

Thats a not enough of information. Speed depends also on motor KV and battery voltage. But You could try this one - BG, but I recommend to read more.

Print the wheel pulley from this source:

and file it down to fit your wheels and drill through your wheels.

Get a aluminium or steel wheel pulley for about 15 Euro somewhere.

And google for a suiting belt, i just ordered a 15mm HTD 5 255mm for 12 Euros incl shipping from

that is the ting teh motor is 12 v and 9 amps not any ting special its not for speed its for proof of consept