Cheap, slow, big wheel longboard for gravel roads

I just finished my first esk8 longboard. This ugly, but now working creation:

It has been a lot of fun building it and I learned a lot in the process, so now I want to continue and build second one suited to country dirt roads in the summer. I don’t need a mountainboard and I don’t need to go steep uphill I think I can get by with a single motor. Basically I think I only need bigger wheels, but I might be wrong here. I’m think of reusing my existing parts to begin with and just buy a new deck, trucks, wheels, pulleys, motor and motor mount ( Already have battery, VESC, Remote). Any suggestions on what parts I need?

I’m thinking of this motor:

Thinking of getting these wheels, but would really like to find something cheaper.

Dessa är populära till bra pris.

6x2 glöm inte att köpa “Pulley’s”

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Just what I needed! I see they also have a very cheap sensored motor. Is it any good? Specwise I can’t find anything wrong with it, but I have no idea about the quality

I’m also thinking about getting this second-hand board: Is there anything in particular, except wheel clearance, I need to think about for an AT-board?

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I definitely recommend going for second hand stuff. If you are going for cheap motors those look good.

Maybe you could search for a review of them.