Cheap spot welder $108. Shipped from US. Any good?

I know a bunch of people here use the ebay $250 spot welder, but no one has mentioned this very cheap welder, also from ebay.

It’s probably not advisable to use very cheap products, but this one is with no bells and whistles and hence cheaper. Has anyone tried it?

I have. It worked fine once I found a 20A breaker. It kept blowing my 15A breakers.

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Woo-hoo, time to get one.

Also, what thickness Nickel do you use? I am scared that I’ll order thick ones and this welder won’t be able to handle it.

0.15mm works fine, you can double it up. It does a nice job

10S4P for trampa build

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Still working for you? Anyone else?

I have a 20Amp circuit breaker and it trips it when I use set it to value > 60 (max is 100). 60 or more is necessary for soldering 0.15mm. It solder the thinner strips really well though.

I opened it up and it’s nothing more than a transformer that is momentarily on. It doesn’t have any capacitors where it can store power, so what happens is that all the power comes directly from the mains and hence 20Amp circuit breaker is not sufficient.

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