Cheap spot welding

I was reluctant to invest in a REAL spot welder. I scoured youtube for some freak gadget that would actually work. I got this.

DIY Portable Mini Spot Welder Machine 18650 Battery Various Welding Power Supply 608374372534 | eBay

I watched as youtubers put the peddle to the metal, and blew them up. I read warnings and found, that most blew it up with undervolted use.

And so, I used my reconfigured headway batt in 12v mode. I used it with only enough juice to make good welds. It worked a charm. The only thing is, you have to keep feeling the unit, and space your use to keep it warm, not hot. The duty cycle is the only thing that makes this choice worse than a sunnko etc. And, I didnt have to shell out for a hand rig.

So, if you are faced with building a batt, and dont want to fear your 110 being inadequate, or going 220v, and being tied to the dryer plug, this is a fully adequate solution.

Just remember, have a PROPER power source, and watch your duty cycle and SPOT ON.


Might splurge on a Kweld or something similar if the US government decides to stimulus itself yet deeper into debt. Hope that wasnt too political.

I saw a spot welder with a built in cap pack on aliexpress for a few dollars cheaper but thats just asking for trouble since it might not be reliable.

Supercaps are much better suited for the intermittent and massive power spike needed to run a spot welder vs lithium cells.

The Kweld also has a cap pack option but its not all neatly contained in one package.

Happy welding.

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I think you would be better off with the microwave transformer than these but idk maybe not those can blow cells up.

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Microwave transformer you say? Got a link to go with that? I hope that doesnt involve plugging one end into mains voltage, either 110 or 240vac.

I like to stick to DC power and under 60v when it comes to DIY. That way an oops moment isnt likely to be my last.

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Very good point… Mine can be used with any old battery for a car you have around. Or even motorcycle battery. Especially If you keep the cycle time down. To keep it warm and not hot. It really was a cheap alternative, and runs off regular old 12v. Safe relatively speaking.

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