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Cheaper & costlier

so i have been posponing my next build . got my r-spec 5563 and esc with single 63V capacitor on fourth quarter 2015 . have been keeping this 2 items for about quite some time . until some one from local fb group ask me to assemble a single drive built . then i found out i am missing the female 6mm for r-spec motor . went to a local shop , and it cost me sgd $12.50 for 4 female copper bullet connector . last night i visited Geek online shop where almost all gadgets are there . almost . and found out they are selling the same item at $5 for 10 sets of 6mm copper connectors . male & female . and of course the $2 shipping costs . some item are cheap in local stores some arent . a bldc motor 4055 size will set you back $389 sgd in a local singapore hobby shops . while a bigger one 5563 r-spec is cheaper online . i will post new built when ready . my very first customer will see me on sat 5th march . then we’ll discuss what deck , wheels and pulley config .

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Sounds good @mostwanted. I’m always surprised at what is cheap, and what is expensive, depending on where we order our parts from.

Do I buy a $45 part from far away and pay $20 to ship it, or a $70 part with free domestic shipping? Even with the relative ease of shipping to the US, it takes patience to bring a project together!

FYI: I could be wrong, but that looks like a 4.7 HW version of VESC. I use one too. If you have challenges updated the firmware with BLDC Tool, check to make sure the VESC has a bootloader installed.

ok , just got my “gold” 6mm connectors .

all 10 sets of male / female accounted for .

just about $5 singapore dollar . about 5 days to reach me . fyi ~ if you’re living in suburban rural areas , may take some time . idk , just guessing .

to answer your question ,

if me , i would go for supplier from nearer region . much convenient and closer to where i’m residing .

so , i would go for that $70 with free shipping . only if i really sure if its supplier is closer .