Cheaper Kegel Pulley's?

So I’ve been looking for pulley’s for a while and cant seem to find a kegel pulley for under $50 CAD. I understand a lot of these parts are expensive to manufacture but dickyho has these metal flywheel pulleys for $21 CAD and it ships world wide. If I was to buy pulleys from say, torqueboards, a single set of pulleys plus shipping and customs would easily run me over $100 CAD. I know this could just be that dickyho got a steal for a bulk order of CNC parts but I can’t help but think I’m missing some other vendors. Does anyone know if cheaper pulleys exist for kegels? Or will I have to drop some extra dosh :’(

Do you have the ability to 3D print? You print the pulley with holes for bolts and the bolt pressure will hold the print layers together and help distribute the force over the print

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I was thinking of that actually, but dont have access to one at the moment, was just wondering in case I wanted to invest in some solid metal ones.

I mean if you have a block of metal you can use a drill press and a ‘rotary table’

Mark the diameter of the pattern and divide it, bolt the block to board clamped to the bed and slowly drill each hole…it’ll take a couple hours depending on tools and skill level, but you can get aluminum or steel from your nearest metal recycling facility for like 5 CAD if they’re nice, I’m not sure the drill bit but I think 3M belt is 1.7mm diameter and 5M is 2.4?

If you want “cheap” just use chains. Sprockets are very, very cheap.

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A chain and sprocket set is around $20 per side with long shipping, $30 with around a week shipping if you’re getting something specific

A generic 14:24 is $10 on eBay

I’m buying some too so you can pay me and I’ll ship it to you (it comes from UK so shipping adds a ton) if you’re interested

Pretty sure dicky is doing a kegel pulley. Sent a busted kegel wheel his way like 4 months ago


That’s be great, although I’ll probably end up 3d printing like @ZachTetra suggested, there’s a ton of people who seem to be doing so and that should hold me over till dicky gets the kegel pulley up and running.

please be careful, read as much as you can before you do your first print

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Yeah, don’t want the pulley’s to snap at 25 k/ph haha. I was reading another thread about proper fill values and what materials to use, and i’ll stress test them before riding as well to make sure they’re reliable.

Why not buy dickho flywheel mounts and drill some extra holes for orangutang