Cheapest Build ($180) 5s lipo 27" deck 3D Printed Mount

Finally finished what I suppose I would call, the cheapest thing I could build that can actually move me. I will include a list of parts, but this is what you can call, on a serious budget. I am only 15, like probably a few others, so I don’t have an income to afford dual 6364’s. :frowning: Specs time!

Specs: Kryptonics 27" Cruiser Skateboard (So Bad) $35 SK3 350kv 42mm Motor: $37 Hobbyking 70A ESC: $32 Turnigy 5000mah 5S 20C: $42 IMAX Charger: $20 2.4Ghz Chinese Remote: $16 Pulley/Belt: $10 That totals $150, but that isn’t including shipping and tiny things like the deans connectors, so I rounded to $180. Pictures:

The motor mount was tough, had to file down the trucks and come up with a 3d printed one. The enclosure, wheel pulley, and mount, were all designed and printed by me in PETG. Although now, I converted my 3d printer to a cnc router, so pretty soon I will be selling motor mounts. :slight_smile: HTD5M 15mm wide, a little too wide most would say. I run it rather loose so the drag isn’t unbearable.

The top speed is about 12-13mph, not too sluggish. The pulley is a 10t, and the wheel spur is 31t. The wheels are only 57mm, a little too small for my liking. It has a surplus of torque, it may even be geared too low. It barely bogs down on really steep hills, so I am satisfied. Range is about 4-8 miles depending how I ride. For $180ish dollars, I like it :slight_smile:

Motor gets a little on the warmer side, but that is good. It is running at close to its peak efficiency. Any higher gearing and it will struggle, any lower and it won’t be pulling as much amps as it could be.

I want to build another board if I got the funds, this thing is what most would call underpowered. It is more of a toy, but still is fun regardless. If it had bigger 83mm wheels It would be a lot more feasible since small rocks rattle this thing around.


WOW realy nice work, did you make the battery box self? Can you make a video how you ride on it?

Nice. Good low cost built.


I would love to see how that rides. how does the esc function compared to a vesc as for a cheap board it might be prudent to only get these cheap esc’s?

It cogs a little on startup. You have to give it a very slight push or on an incline. It is cheap, but overrated for this application. I never draw anywhere close to 70A, so it barely gets warm at all.

can you share your CAD files and the links to the parts? Nice build!

If you want but they’re not very good. The mount is made specifically for the shape I filed the trucks. The box also could be improved in strength.

if you could put them on thingiverse that would be great, but one more question; what pulley/ belt system did you use?? could you provide a link?? because i am trying to do a budget build also…

that is sooooo cleannn… mad props!! some new grip tape, and your in business =)

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The spur on the wheels is printed and was custom made for that specific wheel. The belt is HTD5M 15mm wide, but I would recommend something thinner for such a light and cheap build. A little overkill. For a pulley I went for a 12t on ebay from china, takes a while to ship.

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Nice work, did you beat everybody at your school project. :grin:

Wish it was :frowning: there’s a guy with a boosted v2 dual that’s about all I see.

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