Cheapest low profile light cruiser

I’m thinking about replacing my single chain DC build with a dual hub lipo cruiser, what’s the cheapest reasonable build? I’m thinking less than $250 and less than 8kg

Drive train: ($129) (4kg) eBay dual hub 550W 90mm [offer of dual Koowheel made] ESC: ($66) (1/3kg) dickyho dual hub ESC w/ remote Battery: ($42) (2/3kg) Turnigy 6s 4Ah lipo (butterfly modded) [offer of 3x 4s Flourion cells made] Deck: (owned) (1/2kg) nickel board deck Enclosure and handle: (not a lot) (1/2kg) vacuuformed sheet and 3D prints Charger: (owned) iMax B6 (hence the 6s)

Maybe looking for a 10s lipo bms if you got one

Post if you know where to get cheaper PM if you’ve got something similar you wanna sell

Have ___ to trade for stuff

  • glowing white ABEC clones w/ bearings
  • 10s DC ESC and remote
  • 170mm super light white RKP trucks (steel axle and plastic hangar/baseplate)
  • TKP trucks with welded mount (made for 3" DC motor but I can re-drill them for you)
  • 180mm clone Paris trucks (perfect condition)
  • 60mm longboard wheels (I can steal them from the other wheels)
  • 50mm skateboard wheels w/ bearings

I’ve got 3 4s LiPo I could sell…

The esc he wants to use doesn’t accept any of the battery combinations made with 4s batteries unless completely dismantled

Ah ok didn’t see that haha

No worries…I was gonna flatten it anyway…a cell is a cell…TBH if by half a dozen individual cells if they were cheaper

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Pics of these tkp trucks? Single or dual mounts? 50xx or 63xx?

Basic aluminum trucks with a DC motor mount, standards trick board material with a 3/8 plate for 3" motor

There’s Zippy 4s Lipo with 5Ah Well, you may go 8s with 10$ more

I want a higher voltage pack but then I’d need to buy an 8s or 10s BMS

I don’t think I’ll need more than 14mph on a campus board and I don’t think it’s safe on such a small deck

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Who thinks these will work well together? Rumors going either way so far (new ESC and used wheels)

  • Cheap/light/fast
  • You’re burning money

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If these are the trucks I think they are, they might be Caliber TKP hollow-kingpin.

Neither 50xx nor 63xx but would need to be drilled for mount holes.

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I’m not sure the hubmotors will work fine with the esc. I have had that esc too and it did only work with motor with a specific amount of motorpoles. If you wanne be sure it works well I should also buy hubmotors from dicky.

Ownboard also sells pretty affortable and good hubs and esc. chrome

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Gonna risk it for the biscuit, $40 less for front trucks and 200W more power. Bobby says it works well enough for what I need so I’m gonna go for it