Cheapest Option to go Dual Drive with current Parts ENERTION

Hello guys as most of you know, I have been struggling with my single motor build. For those who don’t it basically keeps overheating, i live in an area where there are a lot of hills. Anyways I am trying to come up with a list of what I need. This is what I currently have:

Enertion Motor mount x1 Enertion wheel pulley x1 Enertion vesc x1 enertion 6372 r spec x1 enertion space cell 3 battery with enclosure x1 Ollin OM5065 170kv x1

I know I need another vesc, another wheel pulley system probably one with smaller belts, another motor? smaller? another motor mount… If anyone will be so kind of coming up with the cheapest option to do this switch? Really just going to build it and test out if it works for me. Let me know what you guys think.

your cheapest option would be to go with a 6073 motor.

It’s more powerfull and has less chance of overheating.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to upgrade to a dual system which is way more expensive ofcourse

he has a 6372 which is overheating his VESC.

@joeadams101 You can pick up another om5065 170kv motor and run it in dual diag like I’m currently doing.

I really think there is something else going on with your system. I weigh around 190 lbs and you can see me climbing a decent hill in this video with a single OM5065-170kv.

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During one of my rides my canbus cable fell out and I was running single. I went up a maybe 10% hill (16/36 gearing) and by the time i got all the way, which was about the length of a 2-3 football fields, my motors were scorching hot. I only touched it for a split second with my wrist and almost burned it.

I suppose this might be due to the lower gearing reduction, but I run perfectly fine with temperatures on dual motors.

Yeah, you need more reduction on a single but your vesc didn’t shut down did it? I have some ceramic bearings coming in tomorrow morning, it will be interesting to see how much heat is transfered to the outer housing once I switch them out since ceramic bearings won’t allow for as much thermal transfer.

Nope, I don’t know how hot the VESC got, but those are the hottest I’ve ever gotten any of my motors!

What was the motor max set at when you lost the canbus connection? And wheel diameter?

45A 83mm

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GUYS MY ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLVED! Creating post with a video right now! SO fucking excited!


30-35amps is what I was running in that video. I have also noticed lower motor temps with a lower “max current ramp step”. Although these lower temps where noticed on a humid day.

@joeadams101 Did I miss a message!? I’ll check it now. :wink:

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hey joe- what ended up being the fix?