Cheapest place to buy winning remote

Wheres the cheapest place to buy the winning remote? I dont mind where its from or how long it takes to come i just need it for the cheapest price. Ive seen people selling them in The UK (my country) for £35 but i want to find out where they get them from. Maybe from Taobao? If anyone knows let me know please!!Uploading...

Just buy the bench wheel remote from aliexpress

@ajaynagra link?

On taobao the price from this seller is 196yuan=23£. You have to add 3%credit card fee and few £ for shipping (i paid 13euro for one heavy shipping so I guess the fee for a remote will be around 5£) 我在淘宝全球发现了云雁新款电动滑板遥控器W2小黑控2.4G遥控器接收机通用所有电调,一起来看!

I ageee with this. I’ve been using my benchwheel remote since I got it a couple weeks ago and it’s been a great remote. Not a single dropout and I live in an urban setting.

Was this for the motor mounts?

Here’s the link where I bought mine… It appears I can’t select the remote and receiver right now though. I wonder if they have to restock the receivers.

No man that was a cnc company on alibaba. Btw 13 euro for 4 wheels.

Oh i was going to ask for your secret for such cheap shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah same :confused:

Keep an eye out on it. It’s seriously a good remote if you like thumb control. It was plug and play for the most part too. I’ll be ordering a few more for a back-up and for my next build.

There is someone selling the benchwheel remote along with the receiver on Amazon for $39.99:

There is also someone selling it on Ebay for $29.99, but this one is looking like a scam.

For those of you that are interested, the benchwheel remote came back to being able to ship with receiver on aliexpress again.

@chipoi84 - I’d lean more towards just ordering it directly from Benchwheel on aliexpress since they’re guaranteed to send you the correct variant of the remote. There are remotes with receivers that are Benchwheel specific and won’t work for a DIY build and then there’s a variant with a board that DIYers can use.