Check my foxbox settings please!

so after flashing my focboxes and starting over from a weird issue another has reared its frustrating head. ive lost range. i was getting 17-20 miles on a single charge now im getting 12-14 miles. can you check over my settings please? im still pretty new to all this only have had my board complete for about 2 months almost

Battery - 12s5p dual 6374


I just checked my battery at full charge and I’m only getting a reading of 50.4 volts. Shouldn’t I be closer to 57v at full charge?

Please explain your logic behind 57V!?

I am not sure actually now that I think about it lol. What should my pack read? I’m not sure what it should be at this point.

looks ok, maybe shitty batteries.

How can I check if they are crap? They’re Samsung 30q. I bought the pack from psychotiller 2 months ago.

no his packs are good, same route same conditions?

Diff routes. I’ll have to see going the same route. It was pretty windy the last time I was out. Am I getting worse range from hettingbused to the speed possibly? I know these maybe dumb questions but I’m still really new to all this and thank you for healing i really appreciate it alot.

Motor Config, motor tab. Uncheck limit erpm with negative torque.

Battery min -10 each vesc

Max battery voltage 50.4 with 12s so you’re good there. That’s 4.2v x 12s. So not 57v

Battery cutoff start 38.4 Battery cutoff end 36 (recommendations)

You have your battery cutoff end at the absolute minimum for that battery, according to myself and others that’s not healthy for battery’s. Sacrifice some range for battery longevity.

That aside, 12-14mi is garbage range for that pack.
What are your riding conditions and wheel size type and gearing?

I recommend some sort of Bluetooth module to better track your information. I have metr pro, it’s great.

I will get those settings changed today after work. im running the evolve 7in AT wheels, 15t motor pulley and 62t i believe for the wheel. we have some hills where i ride but nothing too steep or real long. im not a real heavy guy im about 170lbs with gear on. i mostly ride in the street and on bike paths not much off road riding.