Check out my bms

Why does my 12s bms have 13 wires ima kinda clueless

The black wire goes to the pack negative

Well I have 4 3s lipos with 4 balance wires and my bms has 13 wires

Wires 1-12 go to the balance wires if the pack, wire 13 goes to the packs negative. Look for @Namasaki thread about high power lipo pack, it has all the I fo you need. You can also look at the diagrams thread.

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Because there are 2 wires between one cell battery.

PS. the colors used is not an indication of the polarity of cable. use it as a reference.

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Does it still mater if I wanna bypass my bms I jus want to use it for charging

Pretty cool thanks a million

you will definitely need the balance leads for charging

no problem. just double/triple check the balance lead connector and the pins before you plug in.

Yeah okay but what about charging is this right

Thanks a lot bro

i guess it will be safer to refer to the BMS schematics that usually comes with the BMS.

When looking at the picture I for got to put pos and neg what side would be positive and what side would be negative

This schematics will bypass the bms To use bms for charging you have to connect Battnegative(-batt) to your battery and P-/ch to the charging connector black wire. The charging connector red wire goes direct to battery positive…

Negative should be the right side of the connector

I have seen 3 cases so far for 10s (for example) 11 wires. 1st for - and 10 for + 10 wires all for + and main - soldered to the bms 9 wires main -&+ soldered to the bms and the rest on+ My advice is to NEVER buy a bms without diagram as they are pretty much the same but not really the exact same.

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You don’t connect the pack possitive to the BMS, only the negative. Post the BMS schematic and maybe someone can walk you through it.

Honestly no BMS schematics came with it like all I got was the BMS and the cords I can go to eBay and see if I can screenshot the same thing I bought

Ok I found it