Check this out(winboardusa website)

It just opened a few hours ago.

Screenshot_2018-07-28-12-30-26 Screenshot_2018-07-28-12-30-57

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“second brake resistor that allows you to slow down when regenerative braking is off”

This is interesting, I wonder if this is how they deal with regen braking at 100% battery

I shall let you know. I have been chosen to give the Panther a go. I will be doing a review as well as @nmagz3 for his YouTube channel.

Are the specs bullshit? I will find out for everyone.

Specs: . 1500W Dual Hub Motors 37.5 x 8.6 x 5 17.5 lbs Wheels 90 x 52 mm; 76A Replaceable PU Genuine @bonesbearings Curved Maple Deck Max 220 lbs Max MPH 25-28 mph Max grade (%) 25% 36V 9AH;Samsung 30Q Max Range 20 miles IP65(Dust and splash proof) Charge time 3 Hours 2.4G Wireless with LCD screen 4 Speed Modes L/M/H/H+ Regenerative braking


Why are eboard companies so bad at making names?


Sometimes things are #LostInTranslation lol

Here’s the basic back story of this new line of electric Skateboards from Winboard…

Basically known as an OEM manufacturer of Esk8 parts…probably behind some of the shitiest boards that have been sold on the market…I think a few of you know what boards im talking about…lol

Anyhoo…they added a division that has done a little research and added those features to their boards…10s pack using 30q batteries, LCD readout on the remote that gives you battery life and speed, 4 modes, 20 mile range…and they jumped on the hub train with replaceable PU…this board is not targeted at you guys…its main competition is the other Chinese brands…and looking to take away from BoostedBoard.

They told me they are not using the same factories to build this board and to service their OEM customers…not sure if they are trying to convince me that their shit wont break…we will find out…

Full disclosure I DID NOT PAY for this BOARD. It was sent free of charge. Should get it next week.


Isn’t winboard associated with @PredatorBoards?


Sure and a host of other brands as well esk8 is a wicked gnarly business

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I’m the early tester who has been riding the new board for about a month now. You can count on it man haha.


20180726_233131 I’ve got a few of these motors. There’s two versions of these one with slightly longer stator which is why the urethane won’t fit to the end. They are pretty powerful with newer generic Chinese esc and not very loud either.

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Cool… you are the one they told me has the Lynx…

Give me the down low… whats the short and sweet?

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You’ll get it to see for yourself haha. Since your testing the big boy, actually now I would really like to see what thats like with the extra juice added to it.


I am assuming they were truthful about the board lol

Not unless winboard is ownboard

Its a different segment. For people who might be looking for something slightly better than just a budget board but still dont want spending 1400 on a single board.

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One thing i dislike is the grip tape design on the panther…not my style…the picture of the cat and the odd constellation design throws me

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Yeah the designs are really unusual. Try keep staring at it once you get it. You might be hypnotized and get used to it. After all the designs were actually paid a lot to be made according to what I heard.

Agree. That grip tape design looks like one of those unbranded super cheap skateboards with plastic trucks and wheels that don’t spin.

First thing would be to rip that off.


Looks like a generic Chinese board with generic Chinese branding and generic Chinese marketing.

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