Check this out(winboardusa website)

That is a great looking wind. It instantly reminds me of hummies.

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How’s the throttle response? As some may know, we compartmentalized the ESC because we wanted something a lot more controllable and efficient than what winboard had to offer at the time.

When the king of OEM starts their own brand, tis to be expected

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Hahah Not a chance. I definitely let them know my dislike for it.

But grip tape can always be changed…its how it performs and it’s durability that counts


Can confirm. I ran into a new distributor yesterday while riding in the gold coast. I tried the board, it’s decent. felt slow compared to the raptor 2 but still good uptake. one thing i noticed was the free rolling was quite good. Not sure it’ll be able to compete with evolve in aus though, depends what the price point ends up being but its definitely not a cheap meepo/wowgo.

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Price point is 770usd and 1049aud.

The power of self manufacturing…

They are unbranded indeed. Because it was paid for the design from an americam designer at probably 2thousand for 1piece and 6thousand for 3boards. Than it was gaven to printed out in a special method(which I do not remeber the name) to cover it on the griptape from there griptape supplier. Its unbranded, but its not cheap.