[ Chibi ] 12s2p 30Q dual focbox Jet Spud

Latest build done~

  • 12s2p 30Q cells
  • dual focbox (non-unity)
  • luna cycle antispark
  • Jet Spud 29" deck
  • Ronin front trucks
  • Maytech 100kv hubs
  • @Eboosted Jet Spud enclosure

image image image


Love it. Is that the first gen spud without the tail?

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Guess so, didn’t even know there was a 2nd gen.


The second is the tayto, arguably a different board even though it’s literally just a Spud with a kicktail


Those the ‘new’ Maytech hubs?

If you happen to play with the bluetooth apps definitely post us motor power stats for comparison:))

Nice little build. So keen for one of these as a travel deck!

those are the 100kv maytechs. REALLY wanted 60kvs but they misled me with their advertising, so kind of annoyed at maytech for that.

They didn’t ship my spare tryes as well<:P
But that is a real bummer - 100kV for this low-speed build :confused:

does maytech have replaceable wheels?

Love it. I have similar setuup as well, really a little beast. What you can do is re-terminate the motor. 100Kv are probably delta configuration. if you go to wye would be 57Kv. Basically the motor are probably the same, same winding, they only re-terminate them as well. Mayeb ask them if they give you the winding pattern.

What kind of range and speed do you get?

With these specs I should get over 30mph, but I’m not gonna be testing that anytime soon on this tiny deck. Range isn’t tested yet either since this is a backup/travel board

Yes Maytech hub motors have replaceable PU sleeves in black and orange color choice

Love it. Nice little light weight back pack board. Kind of what I want to do next along with the mountain board and the 4wd and the list goes on…