Chiboards Killer Trampa | 12s7p 777 Wh | Dual rear SK3 190kv 6374 | E-Toxx belt kit | Magura Hydraulic Brakes | Holypro35 deck | 8" Primo's | MasterCho mod GT2B

So i’ve built a few Trampas in the past, and I’ve supplied parts to a whole lot more. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to get a preorder going on my Trampa’s seeing as a lot of people seem to be interested in the these guys. I found @Rob.Endless who was looking for the most badass Trampa he could get his hands on. He’s a perfect beta tester for my final prototype board- He’s known for breaking shit and riding hard. That’s exactly what I need.

Aside from Rob, I have my parts in a lot of builds and I have yet to have a complaint or issue. I figured it was time to get a complete going. My current board is upgraded to the exact same specs as @Rob.Endless so I can double as a tester. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A BETA TESTER PM ME ( you’ll get a great deal) If all goes well I will be releasing a pre-order in the few coming months. There is a lot of interest in these Trampas. I will offer it in a kit form, or RTR (ready to ride)

ANY HOW lets get to the reason you’re all here.
This build will reflect 92.546% of the final product.

12s7p 777Wh (nominal) 150 A BMS with fast 4A charger, Water proof battery box 84 samsung 25R Lithium Ion Battery made by the marvelous @barajabali :wink: E-toxx belt drive kit 25mm belts by @Nowind Dual SK3 190kv 6374 motors Dual sensored 120A ESC’s / built in sbec Trampa 685 brake board (Magura Hydraulic vented disc brakes) BLACK, heel straps Water/snow/dirt proof Electronics box dual fan cooled w/ custom made fan vents by @cj1556
Emergency cut off switch with 150A draw breaker limit Head lights 8" primo wheels pneumatics

I’m working on this while I’m still taking battery orders. It will not affect lead times. I have (3) 12s7p batteries to make which are much faster to make all together than separately.

I will update with progress


Great idea and hope you do well. Wish I had the money to be a beta as they do look really nice and would be different from a standard longboard build.

Thanks man! Yea once you go Mountain board you dont come back


Man … if only the funds permitted.

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Been mountainboarding before just not with a motor. I live in a hilly countryside with loads of nice places to take it off road but will have to wait until I can build my own.

Are those calipers single sided?

Not sure what you’re referring too

Oh the brakes? Yes

Thats interesting, does the pad mount bend under full squeeze?

No, it doesnt. These brakes are Magura brand, which is huge in the performance bike world. They are some quality components. Ill post closer pictures tonight

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Oh hell yes, I cannnnnot wait. Gonna use the GT 2in1 in AT mode as a camera man board, just need a camera man…


What are those in the last picture posted? I’ve been looking at other builds trying to figure it out haha.

Those are some custom made fan vents that are going on your build, they’re gonna cover the one weak spot that the board has in terms of water/snow/dirt proofing. They’ll cover the fans and look sick doing it

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Damn, top notch stuff, definitely loving this build so far.

Definitely want one of these when funds permit, next summer is looking like it will be the time to get this mountain board.


I’d be happy to build one for you my friend :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried chains? What do you think of using chains vs belts in mountain boards?

Yes, I have tried chains. Frankly I wished chains were the better option due to them being much cheaper… but there is a reason that belts are more expensive.

Chains don’t do well in water, I found that they were really loud, had a lot of rolling resistance, needed constant maintenance, were kinda messy (oil), and didn’t look as bad ass… haha

Belts pretty much are the opposite of all of those. The only downside to belts is the possibility of crap getting in the belts. Which is actually less often than I thought


Building a couple of these packs, actually have 2 more on the way


So sick dude! That thing looks beastly. Don’t know what you’re gonna be asking for one of these, but I bet it will be more than worth it. Great to see you expanding your product offerings and building on your success. Keep it up, bro! :clap: :thumbsup: