China Battery Offer

Hello dear esk8ers

I talked to a chinese seller and discussed on batteries and that’s what he offered me maybe someone else would be interested too

10S1P 6000mAh 30C with a build-in 60Amp BMS + 42V 2A charger for 215$ +15$ shipping Total 230$ (I saved you from math haha) the thing is that shipping is long AF 45-60 days I think I’ll go for it for my second build later on this year

I guess that’s a lipo? My math might be off but $230 for that deal isn’t exactly as cheap as it could be, that’s not even mentioning the wait.

bet it is saggy AF.

.Where is the deal? On Hobbyking you can get two Zippy Flightmax 5800mAh 5S 30C for 118€… And you can probably get them next week

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60A BMS + charger will add another ~50$, Hobbyking doesn’t deliver to me unfortunately, So that’s a good option for me

With that BMS you will be Limited to max 60A, while your battery can output 160A… That would kind of suck…

I must agree with everyone above me…I would not pay so much for a LiPo battery…and if it is Lion then it is made out of fake cells…

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Bad offer dont go with it

If it’s li-ion, then specs are BS. 1p=6000mAh? Noooo

I got 3 8000mAH 30c for 27 euros a pop

81 euro for 9s 8000mAH 30c,

Those batteries would not handle 160a. Don’t be fooled by the C rating X capacity formula. It’s not realistic. It’s just plain not real.

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That’s the cell he will combine to 10s

Its says li-polymer

Yes, these batteries doesnt live up to their C-rating. The poin was more to show that he BMS would likely be the bottleneck, and not the battery itself

Looks like a prismatic cell. Major voltage sag. :disappointed:

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Thats exactl why i said fake cells :wink: To give so much money for LiPo you would have to be mad and if it is Liion then they are fake, because just fake cells like SuPower “have” that high capacity

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Does anyone know the cheapest source to get the 10s2p packs that come with the bms on the meepo boards?

Evole uses the prismatic packs that are 10S1P and 10000mAh

They sag like a BEAST but 1P can be that high

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let me know if you find any, It seems it won’t be buying this battery after all

@sami the packs can be perchased from meepo directly or from diyeboard, they are just two places

i’m using the meepo batteries for 2 of my eskates. They are economy cruisers and do very well if you stick within the amp limit (i set my vesc to 40a). Large capacity, compact battery.