China esc Substitutes differences?

Hey guys, on ebay or china shops you can find different esc Substitutes and i think the most of you had they seen before in other low budget builds. It seems to be, that there are existing two boards (for dual motors) which have the same specs but a different platin layout. My questions are, Which of them is better under the long living aspect? Are ther really specs identiical, or has one of them a not listed feature? And has somebody experience with both substitutes?

Here is the one:

Here the other:

well, this and the other topics about the chinese boards don’t have a comparison or answered me one of mine question. .

Takes more amps, has heatsink = long lasting

and updated remote with 3 speed modes instead of 2

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are you on a budget? then get a turnigy eskate kit

Would not buy one now. There is an update coming that will support higher amps.

The second one is arrived here in the last days :slight_smile: But in the case, that it will burn out, i will take the other one. In my package there was also a heatsink, but i think, it will not realy handle the heat, so i will put a additional heatsink on top.

Is the newer one also speed limited at 20 kmh?

GrozniyRegular: are you on a budget? then get a turnigy eskate kit

At first, i want to test an e-skateboard and i like to make and build things. the problem with the turnigy kit is, that it is too obvious. I decided to build my setup with hub motors, because here in germany it official not allowed to drive with an e skateboard on official streets and hub motors are a little bit stealthier.

And if it seems to be, that my setup is not enough for me and my use cases, i will build a better one and i will invest more money. And the old one will be for my son :smiley:

The first one is the better of the two. The second is for hub motors I’m pretty sure

first one is from @dickyho here on the forum. I´m sure he helps you out, if you need further infos

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Yeah he’s the best eBay seller I’ve ever purchased from

i read that some people get 30kmh from it. you could get this set-up hubs. it’s good for beginners.

exactly this one are on the way :smiley:

I recently found out they now offer different remote:



Ive been riding the first type for months at 30 Mph not kmh, and its fine