China Trucks, worth the risk

I’m building basic first board to get concepts down, etc. I’m looking to use Hobbyking motor mounts as they are inexpensive. Caliber trucks aren’t perfect in them, but in the thread some square China trucks were perfect.

I’m considered 7.25" trucks that only run $30 shipped. Is I’m over 250lbs I dont want them breaking. Though my goal it make this board cheap and give to wife to ride sometimes and then build a personal board with better parts.

I would go with better quality trucks.

They might work in short term but usually you get what you pay for.

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You hate your wife?


Nope, I’d like to keep her safe. That’s why I asked prior to saving the $30-$40.

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Never cheap out on the stuff that’ll result in you having a close relationship with the ground.

If it’s for the name of science, sure go ahead , is not , get some caliber or Tourqueboard trucks and call It a day

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Caliber trucks - 45$ depending on where you look. Get those

you can get calibers for dirt cheap on amazon, especially if your in the us

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Get quality trucks, wheels and bearings. A long, wide and stiff deck for stability. You can save money buy doing a single drive with a couple Lipo packs and charge it with a hobby charger. Most importantly for your wife’s safety, set the board up with a top speed of 10 miles per hour to start. And make here wear a helmet.


ive considered those a while back but the bushing seat looks pretty weak. given the amount of vibrations the trucks are exposed to those trucks are likely not durable enough for esk8ing.

grab a pair of caliber trucks…

Those trucks look a lot like the Hobby King trucks that I’ve been using (with the Hobby King motor mount). I replaced the bushings with Riptide barrels and shimmed the kingpin to take some of the slop out. No problems riding around the crappy roads in SF for 3 months so far with no problems. I’ll update this in the event of catastrophic failure.

My personal experience with cheap chinese trucks was not very great. It might look fine in the photos and all, but you can get a total piece of shit hunk of metal with more casting flaws than a girl who has daddy issues.

My stuff arrived with freaking holes where there was supposed to be a solid reinorcement rib. Truth be told it was a complete package deal with a board and all, but still. That metal part is keeping you from becoming a pavement grinder. Or more likely ground-ee. Thats a word. shut up.

If you’re using the Hobbyking mount, why not use their trucks too? They’re designed to work with that mount. They ride just fine. Of the two pair I own, the only flaw is one has a crooked hole drilled for the kingpin, so the truck favors one side with no load. Overall, they’re good, not perfect. My other experience with Chinese trucks was with the Maytech single motor trucks. They suck. They sent me two different trucks, front and back, and the mount disc is misaligned.

Thanks @Jedi, they are actually sold out of the trucks or I would get them. Ebay has 15% off today so I’m likely just going to order everything from @dickyho. Use the saving for express shipping, I mean 2 week shipping. :slight_smile: