China upgraded MTB 10s5p-dual 6374-VESc- #idea mounts-72t/15t-loop key-step down 12v-2.0 USB port MBS bindings-egg shocks


hey man nice looking build. is that battery from diyeboards? i was looking at grabbing one and wanted to know how much current it can handle on discharge and the kind of range you get with it?

It can only handle 50a max, so it won’t be great if your thinking of dual drive

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i was hoping to use it for dual…guess a decent cheap battery is too much to wish for lol

Lipos are cheap and offer good performance, well for me they have so far

yeah ive been on lipos for 2 years now and theyre starting to show performance/aging issues…i was trying to see if li-ion would be a possible next step but it seems out of my budget…so new lipos it is :grin:

Is that a Ninestep MTB upgraded?

Hi, are those Chinese trucks? If so, which one of the idea mounts are compatible?

It’s the old matrix style so just let idea know that.

Do you have a link to the China tires/rims?

here is a link that will help ya

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4 years ago I bought 10 mountainboards and this is the battery it came with. Never had issues unit recently but granted I’ve been abusing it for a very long time. If diye makes the same its worth a try. Just saying I had almost 4 years of fun and lot of upgrades that tested the batteries limits. Beware though a cutout of a battery at high speeds can be deadly. If I was a cat I have 5 more lives.

here are some pics

Hi mate. Have the same china board and want to upgrade with motor mounts. Where can I get those…?

sorry just got back from Philippines on a Tao adventure.

mounts are from @marcmt88

Salamat, Adam

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what bushings are you using in those truck springs?

edit: duh, it’s right in the title. How much do you weigh and would you go lighter or stiffer if you could?

And, uhhhh… tell us more about this mini deck AT build!!

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