Chinese carbon fibre longboard/deck

Hi peeps, I’ve been looking at all the new stuff China has to offer, and I saw two carbon fibre designs so far. One is the one with the handle, that has been talked about already on the forum. Still I am curious if two VESCs fit instead of it’s control boards. There is also this design that is carbon fibre: As you see in one of the pictures, there’s a slot where you can fit electronics and batteries. Sadly I can’t figure out which board offers more space, and if two VESCs fit into any of them. I am thinking that getting one of these platforms is great for future DIY. They can be had for 350-500$ and they come with charging system/batteries/balance charge. The battery capacity seems decent enough. Some that bought the first version were satisfied with the batter/charging system. Hub motors are … well…they work. Might as well ride them till they crap out then replace with something better along with two VESCs. I find that most important is a decent battery/charging system coupled with a decent deck, for future DIY stuff. I especially like the CF ones as they are really stealth, kinda light and they have space for a pretty big battery (lipo I presume, to optimize space to max). Anyone has the second format CF deck to comment on the quality/space inside/feel etc?

I think this is the same platform as well: That storage space + battery/charging system seem really attractive for the price.

This is actually the platform for Stary Board, and I don’t think it’s carbon fibre. In the kickstarter campaign it is stated that it’s made out of glass fibre. So I think the ones on Alibaba claiming it’s carbon fibre, actually has only one layer or carbon fibre, and the structure is glass fibre. I think all carbon fibre decks on alibaba are actually glass fibre decks with one sheet of carbon fibre on top to mask it.