Chinese Copycat 101: Max X1

Take a look at this vid of the controvertial MAX X1 electric skateboard clone that astonishing resembles the Evolve Carbon GT with some surprising features…

That guy returned his Max. Shady company. They didn’t send his battery after a month or so.

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Same story on other video i checked, board arrives, but not battery. it could be custom, but given the prices, it could be what they are selling: just the board.

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He explained it was due to batteries shipment complexities. Still the fact that there are imitation boards out there is compelling. Could be a bad board, but could also be a good board…

I’m more interested in the components than the board as a whole :yum: What’s the ESC…remote… Unknown make of gullwing AT trucks… Interesting deck with integrated enclosure…


Exactly @scepterr. Is what the board brings to the game what is important. Could be some interesting item that eventually will serve us all in the community.

Im hopping this to bring competition over evolve and reduce price tho.


Either reduce their price or use decent batteries. The board might be decent if they fixed the dropouts and didn’t use shit batteries


Most of the companies going bankrupt trying to make/sell completes could be making a killing selling just the components. Diyeboard got the message on that one :wink:


…shitty batteries… shitty motors …shitty remotes… did everybody noticed how the best components that Evolve produces are hardware, not electronics?

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Yeah that’s true. Probably because quality electronics cost more money to make, and probably more importantly, they cost a lot of money and time to R&D, design, and test. Skate hardware isn’t new so they have plenty of options already to base their designs on.