Chinese evolve copy

Hello guys,

At the moment I am working 1 year in China and my first e-Sk8 experience was exactly here. I have a Chinese board with dual Vesc 4.12 hardware version 6s 11ah battery that had as new 20km range and around 30kmh speed I bought it for around 260€.

【GX-W简思维电动滑板四轮双驱代步车速降板成人儿童无线遥控滑板车】 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·制这段描述€8NjsbXwlq0E€后到👉淘♂寳♀👈

Anyway sorry for long post, my first post so I introduced my self.

Now about the real board which I really would like talking about. I was always a fan of evolve boards because of the versatility they have so I found this board in Chinese alibaba, made a deal with supplier and ordered one. Price is 620€ direct from supplier, 12ah battery. Here are some. Pics: jpg_640x640%20(1)jpg_640x640%20(5)temp12871132temp1268833029temp-61553419 Conversion kit jpg_640x640%20(6) Screenshot_20180821_213514 They claim they use their own Esc. I have found a video of someone reviewing one board like this, here is the link :

What do you guys think? I should receive it in maximum 2 weeks because here in China everything is fast.

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That remote looks nice. is it dependent on the esc or can it come with a remote and receiver?

As soon as I receive it I can open it to check it :smiley:

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At least it looks like they use other tech than all the other cheap chinese boards. Still don´t know if that´s a good or a bad point :smiley:

Oh god. Another video of Fabian orgasming all over a clone board that was supplied for review and probably sold 25mins later to pay rent.

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Its not a good board trust me. The esc is snatchy, the remote intermittent and motors are underpowered. In fact it was actually a bit scary to ride with some nasty disconnects along the way. The only thing worth saving is the deck which can fit a good 10s4p in a built in enclosure. It makes an evolve look really good, that’s how bad it is.

Do you have one? I suppose adding a small wire as an anthena would help the connectivity a lot. If you have one could you give some more information about the experience you had with it?

Don’t smile too fast my man. That board is been offered thru Alibaba for quite a while under the description: 3200Watt Brushless Electric Skateboard Offroad Electric Skateboard from the Chinese manufacturer CZ Steamoon Intelligent Technology Co.


Specs: Motor: 1600*2, 3200W brushless motor Construction: carbon fiber Battery: 36V 8.8Ah lithium battery Tires: 6" off-road rubber/ 80MM PU Max speed: 35km/h Charging: 30-90mins Charging: 4-6h Max load: 120kg Price: (36v - 8.8ah) $560; (36v - 12ah) $630

The old version carried these motors…:point_down:


But what most people don’t know is that the same board its been sold by a California distributor called Kalifornia Longboards under the name Black Mamba Electric Skateboard-Carbon Fiber for the street version with urethane hub wheel motors; and the name Cobra Electric Skateboard-Carbon Fiber for the All-Terrain version, belt driven with below deck motors.

…and also sold by another company, an Australian distributor called Ultimate Skateboards under the name Carbon Class Street Electric Skateboard for the street version with urethane wheels and below the deck motors; and the name Carbon Class All-Terrain Electric Skateboard for the All-Terrain version, belt driven with below deck motors.

In both cases the offered board shows cosmetically improved differences, with good carbon quality, different grip tape design, or wheels in both, Street and All Terrain versions.

Kalifornia Longboards - Black Mamba Electric Skateboard-Carbon Fiber:point_down: image

Ultimate Skateboards - Carbon Class Street Electric Skateboard:point_down: image

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Thanks for the information. What is exactly your opinion about it? The conversion kit was what first caught my attention, if the vesc are really bad I can buy vedder vesc 4.12 for as little as 30€ each from my last Chinese e board supplier and have them changed.

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I cannot tell anything about the board because I never saw one in person before. All I know is what is actually posted there and where the board is really made and under which names is been sold in the rest of the world. By the looks I may think is a pretty decent board. But really, who knows? We need a real life test driver for these boards in order to make our minds about them.

001 this is what I did to mine because it was pants as standard. A friend of mine was buying stock for his shop and testing prospective boards. Bought one of these from alibaba to see if it was any good and was so unimpressed he put it on the market straight away for less than he paid for it because he felt he couldn’t in all good conscience sell it to the public. I bought it from him as a tuning platform because of the deck but ran it in its stock form for a weekend and seriously it really shouldn’t be on the market at all no matter what “MY GOD ITS AMAZING!!!” Fab the idiot thinks. The orange dot on the deck is a plastic cover that houses the receiver so it should have good connectivity but it doesn’t. I have my receiver there now and being a decent unit it now does. Seriously the electronics are crap and the mechanics are cheap and non standard. It uses 3m 12mm belts that slip under acceleration and braking. Oh the braking! Well that is something you have to experience to truly appreciate. Goes from none to full on but not always so keeps you on your toes or face. As a platform it does not have enough usable parts on it to warrant the price you have to pay. Each to their own my friend but I wouldn’t …again. If you want to buy the deck only they will sell you it for $260 american. Cheaper if we did a group buy but when you are restricted to 10s then not worth it.


I am using the trade protection and still didn’t payed completely, I think it is still possible to cancel it. Do you guys know similar looking boards here from China? I would like to buy something similar where I could change to off-road setting. But they also have ‘airless tires’… which i believe is something in the middle