Chinese Hubs Look like Acton Hubs?

You’ll have to find the pulley pitch of the motor pulley and match that with the new wheel pulleys.

Ex . 5mm spacing between each teeth.

There is a website that automatically gives you the size of the belt based on the distance the two pulleys are away from each other and teeth amount. Just not sure where it is. I saw the link someone here. I think it is on the Gates belt website?

I also don’t think the motor mount is adjustable on the Evolve GT so you’ll have to make sure the belt isn’t too loose.


I don’t know if you saw this calclator yet either.

I am not sure what the GT’s motor kv or motor pulley teeth are.{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:200,“system-efficiency”:80,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:26,“wheel-size”:97}|

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I got that the motor is around 140Kv after a bit of looking around. Everything seems to be correct if it wasn’t for the 80% efficiency but I’m assuming that’s just a value for the sake of being there. The motor mount itself isn’t adjustable but the motor can be moved within the mount.

I have the original Acton Blink board. They definitely just rebranded a cheap Chinese board. What they seem to be good at is designing the deck and marketing…What is really disappointing to me is the CEO’s vlog on youtube ( He was unpacking their remote for their new Blink S board acted like it was actually a good remote when it’s the same one they had before and clearly used in many Chinese boards.

This company is so shitty. The only reason they sold so many is because they dropped the price and made the preorders so long.

I wonder what they even did with all the money from the Kickstarter except order boards from China…

I think something like this.

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A post I made on Reddit regarding a similar topic:

But that doesn’t mean anything. All they’re using are the motors from E-Wheelin. Following your logic, every single skateboard company is just “rebranding” because they don’t manufacture their own motors. Evolve uses Racerstar, Enertion used Maytech etc. Acton is making their own deck, trucks and wheels (QU4TTRO) - they’re not really rebranding anything. I have no reason to defend Acton, but the lack of knowledge and blind spreading of hate in this subreddit - which often leads to a circlejerk is so annoying.

Btw the Acton CEO spoke out and said the old boards were in fact rebrands and the new boards have nothing rebranded. The motors are custom made for them - much like Evolve and Enertion asking a motor company to make them a certain Kv rating etc.

Well, only time will tell if that makes te boar any better, but i doubt it. Too many broken promises in their history.

Most of these companies are not manufacturing all the components themselves. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to do so when there are already factories in existence that do just that. You go to a supplier in China and you work together to come up with a set of components that fits your budget and needs. What you choose could look the same as another board, but you could also employ a higher level of QC and have higher quality parts. Either way, doing a lot of R&D to come up with some innovative tech does not necessarily make a board better.

Acton may not be making the most innovative or best performing boards on the market, but they mainly sell boards at a lower price point. The Blink Lite looks like a nice little board to get you around. Performance specs may not be great, but it’s only $300. You can’t build a board for $300.

We also have to consider who came out with the design and the board first. I mean the case may be a design leak and manufacturers produced a inferior product that doesn’t perform as a company wanted/intended. This is why QC is so important.

I have a Acton Hub motor…it’s just sitting there, broken.

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When it comes down to it. You get what you pay for.

the key word here is PAY. I think everyone paid for a working usable product. paperweights should be free

BMS and esc are integrated, and I disagree, the evolve is an awesome board. They need to use some higher current delivering cells but it’s a really good board.

Acton hubs look very similar to the crappy mini fiik/alibaba board

This is false. The BMS is under the blue shrink wrap of the battery. You can see it if you unplug it.

Hey guys, I soon want to start to build my own electric skateboard. Thanks @evoheyax for your comments on batteries, that is very interesting for me since I still don’t have much of a clue yet about batteries and I am still learning a lot.

And sorry for being a bit offtopic but since this thread is originally about chinese hub motors it also fits somehow. I wanted to ask you guys what you think of:

Because I was thinking about doing my board with dual hub motors and because the 360 bucks for the enertion dual hub motor would be a lot of money for me I would like to know if you guys think this might be a good cheap alternative or if it is too cheap (quality wise)? Thanks for any suggestions!

I’ve used these hubs and they are pretty nice. check out they have convenient direct shipping with easy web purchase. Get the motor separately and use a couple vesc. Might have to check the bearings.

hey guys, need a quick heads up from you :slight_smile:

a vendor just registered on my ESK8FR forum and he’s selling and advertising this product

I’m not that much into hubs or looking at the latest hubs copycat. How good is this product ? seems like an ONAN OEM product.



they look a little different to me. The trucks are identical but the dressing on the motors is completely different. Maybe internally they’re identical.