Chinese mistake

So I bought this “product” as I am brand new to eboarding. It just stopped working out of nowhere. Seems it won’t pair. Just does one rotation in reverse and that’s it. Any suggestions guys?

What board is it? It may help someone else help you, the more information the better

Definitely And thank you for your response to my post. It’s marketed under the name Blitzart but I’ve seen the same board called a Jetson E-punk and also I wonder(?). The circuit board is labeled as hero. Not sure what all of that means lol

where did you buy it and how long ago?

I bought it from eBay a month ago

Problem with these type of boards is that they are totally proprietary and they tend to compact all the electronics into 1 or 2 PCB’s

That’s going to be hard to fix, that’s why we all around here recommend building your own skateboard, that way you could diagnose and fix it yourself. You are on time to build a new DIY project before you spend more money on a board that is not worth it.

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Thanks for responding to me guys. That is kinda what I figured anyway. This was basically just a supposedly risk free eboard to see if I wanted to transition from flintstones powered skating. A couple of questions about DIY though. Anything with this board worth salvaging? Can a person who has very limited knowledge of electric motors and such actually build a reliable board?

Answer is yes. You just have to read a lot so you know what to do. Also if you doubt you’re not doing something right just ask. I suggest you to read other build threads.

I am actually going to write an article in couple of weeks how to avoid common mistakes and make most realiable board as possible.

you could probably keep that board and just thow out those electronics, wack an ESC and reciever in there and be on your way again.

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