Chinese MTB wheels with gears

Has anyone used this chinese wheels? I cannot find anyone using them here on forum through search function. What are the pros (price) and cons (weight)? Will those fit MBS Matrix truck?


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Had the board.

Check his created topic - ninestep board.

Someone was also selling this kit.

Ive got a board with same wheels. Hubs are real heavy, tires so far works ok but if u check @telnoi topic u will see how funny his tire tread became.

Not saying these are bad. For price they might be ok

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The tires are OK. These are sold by trampa and MBS too. They lasted longer than the 60PS tires (mbs t1-t3) and only started deforming and rupturing after 800 km. To some that might not sound like allot, but in comparison the 60PS tires sold by trampa and mbs lasted maybe 300 km max.

Not a big fan of the hubs. Indeed heavy and it is cumbersome to replace the bearings. The won’t fit the mbs spring trucks and matrix 2, axle diameter is too large.

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for 30$ you cant really complain :smiley: from the picture i think the hubs are in 2 parts so changing bearings is not a big problem imo and your driving on pneumies so the bearings will last a LOT more

If you like a bit of brutality, everything can be accomplishment. The bearings are forced in. Need plenty of heat and a punch tool. I personally favor the drop in method and precision cnc engineered hubs…but of course they cost more.

As written below, even Jason from diyeboard will warn you that replacing the bearings might crack the hubs.

Anyway, they don’t fit matrix trucks.

From past reports, people have real problems changing bearings with these wheels. They seem to be pressfitted in and someone already cracked the wheel while trying to get it off.

Also with pneumies my bearings last much shorter - i think because you have much more lever force on them because of the bigger diameter

On closer investigation they are indeed pressed in from one side (internal side has cast aluminium collar). This must really be pain in the ass to change it. I guess that makes them not suitable for any serious project. Thank you guys.

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I never tried these but on my moped and mini bikes bearings are all pressed in and those are stuff for 250$ o aliexpress so total crap to ride it 15minutes you need to work on it 3 days

Anyways i pressed them in and removed with the bearing tool idk the name without a problem @telnoi

You’re welcome to give it a shot. I’ll send them for shipment cost only.

I’d never use them again for a variety of reasons. Besides what has been mentioned, they are also severely out of balance.

I didnt read whay other people said but yea they are not the best out there i agree on that, but why to even buy this when you can get trampa/mbs hubs for the same money

Except you can’t get wheels with gears for the same money.

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Despite all the concerns over these wheels, I’ve had mine from DIYeboard since last october and put about 500 miles and have had no problems. Esp, the tires/tubes have been fantastic, which didn’t lose any air over the the whole time since last year, all four of them at 60 psi. Still have about half tread left. I see replacing the bearing will be a chore but they’re still going strong and I don’t expect to service them any time soon. I feel pretty neutral about these since I didn’t have much problem but I don’t ride this MTB as much as others, who had problems. As far as I’m concerned I feel confidence enough to keep them for my upgrade.

What kind of trucks do you use?

I have the whole MTB from DIYeboard. They look like the Matrix I spring trucks from MBS. I got Janux mounts from Marc recently and they fit fine, a little tight but still fit. The ones with the protruding brake mounts without the holes for the brakes though.

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I’m using these wheels on my dads eMTB. We’re only waiting on belt to arrive so can’t really test it yet IMG_4341

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Let us know how they perform!

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I’ll let everyone know once we get everything going