Chinese remote with LCD

Hello guys, so I am currently working in China for 1 year already and built my own skateboard with a really low end remote.

Last week I saw for sale a new remote for the Chinese vesc the one like meepo has and I decided to try to hack it and make it work with arduino with an rf module or Bluetooth.

I am not entirely sure what module they use for comunication but I would guess that it is the RF module. I just unpack it as I write this post. I will open it and try to Frankenstein it for the following days.

Has anyone seen this remote already? Does anyone have it? For 12€ (92 rmb) I got a great deal for it.

Here pics:

IMG_20190128_181754 IMG_20190128_181828


IMG_20190128_183712 IMG_20190128_183536 IMG_20190128_183555IMG_20190128_185518


looks cool and that price! :heart_eyes:

Looks nice and if you could make it work with Vesc you are going to be a hero :smiley:


Basiy they have a Chinese micro controller I’ve never heard about. At the moment I just know how to program an arduino. I could solder it out and integrate an arduino mini inside and use the LCD and communication module it already has or try to figure out how to program this micro.

Someone? I don’t want to start from scratch :smiley:

it’s using NRF for comms, why not try and use an NRF RX with this remote ?

I have one I can connect to an arduino and try to establish a connection. I’m not sure if they encript the communication but I will soon find out :smiley: hopefully

After searching about the Nrf I found they have an address or pipe which is used to communicate. If I don’t know which Address it is then I will also never be able to read the packets from the remote

Are you able to find out the address? I’m sure there would be a way to do it

Are you able to get me one shipped to Austria? :slight_smile:

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May I ask are you an ee? I’ve just seen you designing lots of cool shit recently

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Thought about contacting the maker and just outright asking for a receiver? Might be receptive and a WHOLE lot easier.

Tell them there’s a huge market here for them

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Currently learning to become one :slight_smile:.

Thank you. :smile: Hoping that I can do something cool with that remote


Inked33198391e0826e70388a3c5bb78400c3d5f409fc_LI In my opinion, this could be some kind of programming/flashing port but I need to see the PCB to be sure and which pad is which pin :slight_smile:

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The Chinese ESCs have similar things all over but aparrantly they are locked so we can’t assess it

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Ohh ok. I would still like to take a look at one :slightly_smiling_face:


How would one purchase this for themselves?

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Hmm that chip on back is actually a voltage reg, idk if this even has a micro controller, I can’t see one

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Yeah but on the front it got something called spmc65sf112a which looks like a microcontroller to me but I can’t really find a datasheet online :slight_smile:

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I googled it and all I got were 72v regulators so idk :neutral_face:

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