Chinese Superstars

Sorry couldn’t take pics as it was in a confidential office.

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Curious I went looking around to find these wheels (couldn’t find them)

But I did find the manufactures for Donk wheels and it says $6 a piece so that’s $24 for a set and donk boards charges $200+ for a set… Hmmm


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I had a chat with Frank and got some more info about this Alibaba wheels. Because he can’t post in the “Esk8 Parts Market” category I share his words here for clarification:

A: It is a Fake wheel, this is not our supplier. The Superstar is not made in China. B. All pictures are taken from our website, infringing our copyright. They show our original Superstar wheels. The company used Photoshop to remove our logos (not on all of them BTW) C: In consequence you don’t see what you will get. The company can’t sell what they show. D: We registered designs for the Superstar and Hpya Hub.

The Superstar is designed to the limits of the material used. We used modern stress analysis software to determine the shape and to trim off every gram we possibly could. The Material we use is a high tech plastic from a well known European manufacturer. The design is not tolerant to lesser material properties or air bubbles that occur when you inject on cheap moulds. The spokes we use are made from aircraft alloy and heat treated after processing the final shape.

MTB Hubs see a lot of strain and the past has shown us that many designs had issues with cracks and hubs broke apart in consequence. Most faulty designs have disappeared from the market for a good reason. Our competition had to go through numerous iterations in their design process and now sell hubs that use a lot thicker cross sections and are heavier than our hubs. The Superstar and Hypa Hub have never had any issues. They were rock solid from the very first day. This is a result from the design process we used and the superior material properties of the plastic we chose for the design of the two products. A copy product might replicate the shape we designed, but the copy cat doesn’t have the database behind the product. Stress analysis, moulding flow simulations, mould construction, material properties etc. In consequence the copy product bears the risk of getting fatigue cracks after a period X. Personally I would not feel very well putting fake alloy rims onto my car. Same thing is true for my 5+KW E-MTB. These parts are safety critical parts! If a wheel disintegrates at speed the consequences could be catastrophic. I hope that no one will get hurt using such fake parts. The quality is unknown. There have been issues with broken, safety relevant plastic parts recently. Don’t put yourself at risk for a minor saving. If someone fakes products the business ethos is proven to be doubtful already!



minor saving? savings (moneywise) are pretty significant I’d say.

Unless someone buys a few wheels, no one will ever know if these were as dangerous as Frank implies. Imagine if they’re even more dangerous! The world needs to know, so that we can warn others not to repeat our stupid and dangerous mistakes!



Yeah don’t worry, I know quite a few people are going to be on these soon, for science.


**moved to Mechanics until a member has these fake wheels for sale :slight_smile: ty

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This just hurt my eyes. WTF is aircraft alloy? It’s 6061 T6 extruded profile cut to slices. Nothing special about that. Also most of those high tech plastics are simply PA6GF30 which again is nothing special. Look at @okp products. Everything made from 7075 alu and this is top of the line stuff. I’m so tired of reading this marketing bullshit everywhere.


he forgot to mention the “NASA engineers” that were involved in getting the color schemes right, so that speed wouldn’t be negatively affected


Funny to see a quote with my name and Frank’s words :joy:

But the category changed so @trampa can chime in.


Hit us with some knowledge Frank.


Yeah @rich that came up not so right but you know it was not directed at you :wink:


I know and am just joking :grin:

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I talked to the people of alibaba and they told me that they are the trampa providers



wow… please ask them if they provide decks for redemberboards and LHB as well? :rofl::rofl:


I don’t understand why everything needs to be spaceship grade, with micrometer tolerances. Sure those Chinese wheels, if they are indeed copies, would not last long if abused but isn’t that the case for any brand name gears too? Shit breaks. By abuse, I don’t mean riding on rough roads, dirt trails or shit like that, like actually beating the crap out of it. If I keep banging any aerospace grade motor mounts or rims or whatever on curbs, won’t they also bend, chip or break? All I am saying is if we don’t try them, we will never know How shitty those rims are and saying it is Chinese so It’s shit doesn’t really convinced me anymore. And I am really interested to know if we need such high grade gear for esk8.


Wow 7075 top of line bullshit everywhere indeed.

Tell me what’s better for that kind of application?

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I am just teasing. Far out people just go way too far. Oh but carbon fibre formula One… Magnesium was used in the space shuttle etc lol Some aircraft use steel in fracture critical areas coz they don’t want it break. Depends on tempering. I would use Titanium because I am freaking genius. Hahahahahahah